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    Question about halftone brushes in PS

    I’ve been working in Krita but it’s bugged out on me and I’m trying to finish in Photoshop CS6 though I don’t know it very well. I’m designing for screen print and one of the strengths of Krita was the Halftone brushes. So I downloaded some halftone brushes online for Photoshop, I’ve got a...
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    Photoshop for screen print designs?

    I’ve come here because I’m a little confused and need some advice. I have to make designs for several screen prints and I need to do this while I’m away on holiday so I grabbed my old macbook pro and Cintiq 13HD on the way out the door thinking this would do the job. I’ve been using Krita at...
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    full screen and flip

    Hi I'm new to working digitally but have bought a tablet and been trying to learn. I saw Painter and thought I'd give it a trial run as it's most suited to what I do. I watched a bunch of tutorials and when I'd finished the first thing I found was that I could not find an active forum for...