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    I was bored-- so I made space.

    After work yesterday, I decided just to have a bit of fun with Photoshop and decided to see what I could do from scratch, with no references, no textures, no stocks, no nothin. And so, I made space. As an artistic piece, it isn't that interesting, but I guess I'm pretty proud of this as an exercise.
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    Digital makeup practice---drag queen-ing.

    So, I sent out a plea to all my good friends asking for people to either allow me to take a picture of their face or use a picture they already had to practice my digital makeup skills. I got...nada. Except one person--a male friend of mine. He's always been on the alternative side of society's...
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    A few of my zombies. :D

    ZOMBIES! One of the things I love doing on Photoshop is making zombies out of people. They get to see an ugly, undead version of themselves and have a laugh, and I have an excuse to be on Photoshop. Here, I'm showing you some of my work. My style of zombie probably isn't what many people...
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    First ever colorization!

    So, this picture is actually almost a year+ old, but I'm gonna show it to you all just cause. It's my first ever picture colorization, of an old picture of Bettie Page- I'm not sure what the exact rules are in terms of what can be shown, so I've censored out the only questionable part to be...
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    Hey everyone :D

    Hey there! I'm Matt, and I couldn't be happier after finding this site. If I needed to describe myself in one sentence, it would be...a sociable geek/nerd hybrid with a passion for the French language and a pretty heavy artistic side. Yeah. :D When I'm in Photoshop, I'm just in my element...