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    Paid Multiple Designs

    Designs (See below for pricing) Hello, my wife is starting a social media outlet to support her job / passion. Im wondering if anyone wants to take a shot at a few designs. $30 CAD The brand is called: Turning Pointe A Movement Collective She is looking to have it in letter format where the...
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    Paid Twitch Gaming video banner

    $20 CAD hello, looking for another piece of artwork. This time a twitch banner for my streams. I want to isolate the L10 from my gaming logo below: and have my name under it "Luckten". And then I like the layout of Shrouds banner, so i want to sort of mimic what he has going on but with...
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    Paid Facebook Cover Design

    $20- CAD Im looking for someone to make me a facebook cover photo for my gaming page. can use my gaming logo as inspiration, see below. Canmake it using the L10 at the top or create something cool from original. id also like to have my twitter and instagram handles on it somewhere. Twitter...
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    Specific Background removal

    can someone please make my gaming logo into a png photo and remove the entire white background even around the letters under the controller too? please and thanks
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    Paid Gaming Logo ($30 CAD)

    hey, Im looking to create a logo to start streaming games. Im looking for some sort of “L10” mashup design with an xbox looking controller icon and “Luckten Gaming” underneath. This may take a few edits to hammer something out, but if anyone wants to work with me to create something, Id...
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    Paid Photoshop design for tattoo if possible...

    $25 CAD (upper 1/2 sleeve tattoo design) I would like to have the following tattoo manipulated. Ok so im looking to have the film tape removed and instead, make it an Ambigram of my sons names. They are “Ethan Donald Spooney” and “Drew Charles Spooney.” In the bottom part of the photo...
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    Paid Fb cover logo

    $20 CAD Facebook timeline cover: Do you think you could do the following? Have the map of “Cape Breton” (which is an island in nova scotia canada) written out as “Ramblers” to make it look like the island is the writing. then have a faded background of this logo behind it and in one of...
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    Specific Baseball Training Camp Poster

    Hi guys, Im looking to create a Baseball Training Camp poster and Im hoping you guys could help me out. Here is the image I need altered. Ill be specific with exactly what Im looking for to make it easier. Top left- Change the twitter handle to ours... @CBRamblers Remove the guy in the...
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    Specific remove hand holding baby head

    Hi there, can someone photoshop out my hand holding the babys head so it looks like just my son holding the baby? thanks in advance
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    Specific Gameday Poster

    Hoping to see if anyone can help me with gameday posters: Here is the image Im hoping to update: I need to take out the TV information at the bottom of the the poster altogether. Then I need to have it say "GAMEDAY: Ramblers vs. Halifax Mets" instead of the duke vs SC.Then I need to have...
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    Specific Name alteration

    Can someone please change Ramblers to “Sooners” Our affiliate team wants to have same looking logo but with diffferent team name. Here is the logo:
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    Specific Alterations

    Hi guys, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me the last couple of weeks with logos and the photo image for my wifes birthday which she was overjoyed with emotion from, so thank you. I just met with our baseball league executives and they were very very impressed with the updated logo...
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    Specific Special request!

    Hey guys, I have a special request for my wifes birthday coming up. Her grandmother passed last year just before our son was born. I want to create a photo of her grandmother with our son since she never had a chance to meet him. . Im hoping to remove our dog from the black and white...
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    Specific Logo alteration

    Can someone take the following photo: and write “Cape Breton” in the top inner ring... take out tennnessee smokies... and put in “Cubs” in big letters (like Smokies) and please use the color scheme of this: please and thank you -Josh
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    Logo design challenge

    Hey guys, Over the past couple of days I have been lucky enough to have a few ppl work on an official logo for me on here for free for a AAA baseball team I coach. Here it is here: What im looking for now is a creative mind who wants a challenge to design a secondary (alternate) logo for my...
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    New here

    hello everyone, My name is josh. Im from atlantic canada and married and I'm a father to a 1 year old. The reason I signed up is because I coach a baseball team and we are in constant need of graphics that need updating and I honestly don't know anyone who is capable to photoshop stuff or do...
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    Logo Alteration

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I coach a Midget AAA baseball team called the Cape Breton Cubs. Naturally we use the Chicago Cubs logo but I'm hoping that someone can alter it a bit to have "Cape Breton" on it. Ive attached the logo I'm looking to alter. If someone...