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    Paid People swapping on a selfie €30

    Thanks everyone for all the amazing works. I have paid and received the pic from one of you, he can confirm here if he wants^^ See you later.
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    Hello, I'm F10r14n

    Hello everyone, I'm Florian, (yes some of you might have guess I just used leet speak for the username^^), I admit I'm here mostly for photoshop requests as I myself don't know how to use it at all x) Well even if I don't do edits or draw I still have a drawing tablet for playing Osu! ^^. As...
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    Paid People swapping on a selfie €30

    Hello everyone, As title say I would like to change people on a selfie (plus an edit like remove glasses). I propose €30 via paypal, but adjustements can be made as I don't have any idea on how hard it will be or how long it can take. It just need to look credible and realistic. Since it...