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    After Effects Show Text as Person Talks - Premiere CS6

    Guys in my video..someone is talking really low..and in one instance i want the text to say what she is saying basically.. like basically she says..."Don't tell anyone, I wont tell anyone"...and as she's saying this id liek for it to come on the screen... What do you call that and how do you...
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    Creating amazing Anime imagery.

    Guys, how does one create perfect imagery like this: When your artist or developer gives you this: Is there a way to make my developers work somewhat match the first link's work?
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    Original Logo - Indy manga movement..

    Good evening. I am requesting a solid logo that is centered around promoting smaller indie based illustrations encompassed within manga and comics. This movement my company will be doing indeed will be focused on bringing attention to smaller writers/illustrators who put their hard earned money...
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    Custom characterd based background $35

    I need a background very similar to this one with the exception of the characters facing the opposite direciton: The two characters are here: I basically need them drawn out the same way as the first characters. This is needed...
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    AX promotion

    Guys this sign will be at the center piece of my table in which I will be exhibitor showcasing my startup. Can you awesome guys/gals give me a suggestion or two to really make this sign POP when people walk by. I want people to definitely stop at my table upon seeing this sign. Well, at least...
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    10 Custom Logos for Gaming Community

    Hello. Mods please put this post in the approiate thread if needed. I am looking for a person that can do 10 custom logos for me. My budget $10-15 per logo. If we can nail the first one, I know we'll be able to easily do the other 9. 30% of it lettering. I'd like the letters A.U.W in an arch at...
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    Image Placement and layering..

    Does anyone have a tutorial on how to properly layer an image for the best effect. For example, I have my guy here: I'd like to put our logo literally behind him to take the place of the door and imagery in the background of his picture. Here is the logo: I know I could do a combiation of...
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    Help with Stone Text and breaking of stone..

    This is what I'm working on. I'm trying to get a stone effect though similar to this link: I'm also trying to get the hand you guys see to have a stone effect and sort of break the U within...
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    Ideas on New Startup Logo

    I will be opening up the site to do a pre-marketing campaign indeed.*Side Note* If anyone is heavily into anime and discussing quantifiable feats vs non and who would win type hypothetical ideas, please let me know.. anyway.. I wanted to get you guys opinions and possibly...
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    Crumbling affect..

    If you guys can see the image above, I am trying to make a crumbling affect with this image..Nearing the 8'oclock and 2 o clock region, I am attempting to have that part of the image/world essentially blown up and have it look like their are fragments of itself... if that makes sense.. where...
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    Designing and Decorating a .gif

    Hello everyone. I hope the winds of the present are flowing well for everyone that I sincerely do! Indeed I have created a gif in which I will be condensing it. Here: Well..I can't post links just yet.. But my question for this awesome community is, how would I: A: put a logo within the...
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    Hello from Mansoor aka "TechMansoor"

    Hello everyone. My name is Mansoor and I'm fascinated by design and creativity. I've only seriously started getting into photoshop maybe 2 years ago. I hope to find guru type help and if I can lend a hand with the little knowledge I have, I hope to do so indeed. I hope to be a contributing...