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  1. siodre

    squid harbor

  2. siodre

    last day on eart 4 - work in progress

    4th in the series, not finished. few things to polish and haven't decided what to put on the sign. suggestions appreciated. all stock mine this time. updated version: this is finished, i think.. completely replaced "sorry no" and lit. added message to sign and ladders to rockets. polished...
  3. siodre

    turtle island

    been busy with work and rl lately, but had some time to play..
  4. siodre

    rocket #3

    third one of the series -
  5. siodre


    been involved in getting pieces of a rocket to wallops island over the past year for a grand launch. it was supposed to liftoff early weds. morning, but was postponed. so on my way home from work just after 11 pm i got to see it take off. granted it was two states away and many miles up, but...
  6. siodre


    stock:space suit background is mine, shenandoah national park. fire and smoke were created in ps
  7. siodre

    vacation shots

    some from last fall's vacation around the US rockies. canon 5d mk ii, edited in lightroom and cs5, no hdr.
  8. siodre

    self portrait manip

    self portrait of sorts. the background is a shot of the national cathedral in washington, dc. the self portrait portion was done a few weeks later. ok... trying this again, apparently i can't post links to photos yet?
  9. siodre

    i come in peace or take me to your leader...

    couldn't decide which statement to make. my name is beth. i'm a photographer/photo manipulator but want to learn to make vintage travel posters in illustrator. and i'm also a big time sci fi junkie.