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  1. MikeMc

    IRMA'S Florida

    Me, we are hunkering down as it gonna be a quick mover Saturday 8ish is our date. We live on the southwestern corner of FL...about 100 miles as the crow flies from Key West. water for bathing, Ice for cocktails and keeping food cold, A friend will be by soon , so we are almost set, Work...
  2. MikeMc

    Little help

    I would love if someone could redo this in illustrator or as a vector Came from this....I added the 470
  3. MikeMc

    Sharpening with Topaz.....DeNoise

    Very informative video and technique. The idea is from a 17 year old.....WOW this is a great tool...for high ISO images...
  4. MikeMc

    Challenge 27......Psychedelic 70's

    For Auntie Clare...... A real 70's trip man.....Take a normal image and lets see your psychedelic side....:rocker: Rules.. 1 Post where you started your journey (original image) , Unless you choose to draw the whole thing ! 2 You may use Photoshop by itself, or go with the plug...
  5. MikeMc

    Topaz Glow....

    If you are an older player with PS you might remember Fractalis This is a newer algorithm and extras from what I have read. Simple plug in for Photoshop, it also runs as a standalone program, thats a first for me from Topaz. As in most Topaz plugins, they have a menu of presets....If you like...
  6. MikeMc

    What did I do

    I think that states it well. I don't know what I did, but now when I open any image in CS5 I can't keep it in "icon" view...shows me details... Yep I know about the box (circled) and it will adjust to the "large icon "view...but won't stay that way.... In windows (7) I can click on the same...
  7. MikeMc

    I'm in love

    :redface: Yep, she stole my heart with these eyes. This shot (cellphone) captures my buddies daughter..Stella as I cannot believe!! I do not like my results with this image, I tried to de noise that face and just am not happy. I did increase the size in two 10% incements, and played a bit...
  8. MikeMc

    Need a favor !

    I need a couple of letters done in a vector file using AI ? I have a logo designed by my friend Dad Braiser....What I need is a letter "P" in the same style. I would try it, but my drawing skills are awful , nor do I have AI. thanks if you can help me!
  9. MikeMc

    Pointers needed

    This one is just fighting me...Everything tried...still not happy. This is a lousy scan, but all that I have. The colors are poor due to awful camera (suspect is a 126 instamatic) , a dirty scanner glass and damage to the photo by poor storage. Any help on how to restore the background is needed.
  10. MikeMc

    Shooting liquids

    Found this...great info, read and learn simple lighting tips.
  11. MikeMc

    Visit in MY Hood..

  12. MikeMc

    NFL 2014 Season

    Its here...and I started during tonights game
  13. MikeMc

    Anyone Else having Chrome issues ?

    As I normally do I went to post up a comment on a thread...Chrome is changing the view (Dark to Fluid) will not let me post images, after uploading, shows a new login screen, I went to IE and everything is A OK.. will say to refresh and clear, BUT this is happening on all 3 Computers...
  14. MikeMc


    darn....that is nice...I really wanted to say something else. Working on a retouch project...Normal spots and crud, normal fixes. About 2 hours into working L to R I got to this pinstriped suit...Spots everywhere...any ideas to save me a few hours to get rid of those spots??
  15. MikeMc

    Retouching Help

    Just what it said...I would like some retouching help. I found this damaged image on the web, for my amusement only I decided I wanted to fix it up. I am lost on removing the blue, and it has a darker fringe which makes it tough. I will post the whole thing, but the small section with the bhue...
  16. MikeMc


    All changed with the upgrade. When I click on my notifications, every new post shows up...and I cannot figure out which one I am notified of...Cannot be right?:banghead:
  17. MikeMc

    For Canon Folks

    A buddy has a Canon 400D standard kit short zoom. He wanted to get a new lens that would take sharp pictures....Long story results... Shoots in RAW, largest file size, sent me the picture and I will be darned I can't find much sharp either. I read online that this camera does have a sharpen...
  18. MikeMc

    R i p ramones

    Ramones are all gone RIP
  19. MikeMc

    PS or Video ?

    Interesting job, was this done with PS and then compiled as a video? (Please no comments about content)
  20. MikeMc

    OK decision time CC or NOT ?

    Found a few spare $$ in the PS budget. I am always thinking to update software, with those thoughts I went and looked into CC PS 2014 ...($9.95 a month upfront..$120.00.)....downloaded the 30 day trial..I just didn't get that warm fuzzy feeling??? I said what I really need is to calibrate these...