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    Looking for Photoshop/Illustrator users interested in working on comission

    Sup……I'm looking for peeps who are good with Photoshop and Illustrator, to collab with on some designs I've got. This is not a pay up front type of job. More of a project with a 15% commission concerning all profits. I'm looking to build a team of people I can collaborate with over the long...
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    How to make handdrawn script (font) look like it was done on the computer

    Sup guys I have two images here of a script (font) I've hand drawn. I want to know how I'd make it look like it was done on the computer I don't want to change the look of it. Just basically pick one from the lot and make it look clean and high resolution if that makes any sense. Couple...
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    Help a newbie out adding tiger print to pre-esixting text how do I do it?

    Say I wanted to add tiger print to a pre-existing logo. Take this one for instance the louis vuitton logo ( How would I do it? Here's a tee that sort of looks like they did it but I'm sure its just the color (VUITTON...
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    Looking for artist to bring my logo to life (knowledge of streetwear helps)

    Hello everyone, I'm sort of new here. I'm looking for artist, to collab with on a logo I came up with for my streetwear brand (STVTV5) pronounced STATUS. The idea is a profile (facing forward) shot of a Dalmatian against a black backdrop wearing a pair of Ray-ban or Super shades. The Black...
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    New here

    we'll kinda :cool2: