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  1. sysop1

    Specific Removal of the two people

    Just need the two people standing up removed. It's a hard one I know, not expecting perfection.
  2. sysop1

    Specific Formula re-done so its clear

    Just need the formula text redone so that its clear and sharp. Can be on a white background, by itself and centered. That would be great.
  3. sysop1

    Specific Simple text removal

    Just need the text removed is all.
  4. sysop1

    Specific Fingerprint Sqaures, Removal

    I need the fingerprint squares on this page removed so it's flat and symmetrical. I want the boxes around the fingerprints included if you can. I need it to be like this (EXAMPLE) : I.E. (cut out and flat against the screen as such;
  5. sysop1

    Specific Remove two people.

    Can anyone remove the two people kneeling down? But not the body laying flat on the floor. Not the blood or anything else removed JUST the two people kneeling around the body (And the foot in the background next to the curtain) removed, that's it. This a toughy, but if someone could edit this...
  6. sysop1

    Specific Remove the woman.

    Can anyone edit this? I want the woman removed, just her, nothing else. Yes, extremely hard, even for a guru I imagine. Thanks.
  7. sysop1

    Specific I need a person removed

    I need only the gentleman standing up removed from this photo.
  8. sysop1

    Specific White Gown Figure Removal

    Only thing I need removed is the white gown figure in the background. That's it. :)
  9. sysop1

    Specific Removal from picture frame

    Can anyone remove this photo from the picture frame and make it to be a regular flat photo? As well as Centered of course. Also if you could please remove the dust specs and the reflection of the face on the picture. I know this is a hard one folks, probably not possible. So whatever you can...
  10. sysop1

    Specific A tough edit

    Hello Guru's! Can anyone edit this so its cutout and upagainst the screen like a regular photo. Just the Green part (the entire part) and remove everything else, the hand, the shadow also removed. the white too. Also I really need someone to remove the crease that is going horizontally and...
  11. sysop1

    Specific Another edit

    Can anyone cut out this mugshot photo so that sits by itself, filling up the photo. In other words just the mugshot so that its evenly flat and therefore printable. (Both mugshots) And if you could remove the finger to the left! That would be really awesome. One other thing if you can copy the...
  12. sysop1

    Specific Can anyone edit this?

    Can anyone edit this photo of a drawing so that this fella's head, at the top part is more even looking. Where I have the arrows if you could erase and re-connect it so his head is a bit more even looking, so that it doesn't look indented. Where I have the arrows, that is. And please by all...
  13. sysop1

    Specific Is it possible?

    Is there any Guru here that is Guru enough to make this photo very clear, so that is much brighter and doesn't look dark. Also to cut the photo out of its frame and center it so its just the photo itself, nothing else. A challenge indeed! Or maybe not, because I suck. Also if you could remove...
  14. sysop1

    Specific Finishing of head drawing

    I need help with a simpler photoshop edit. I just need someone to finish this dudes head, so that its complete! Only at the tippy top part! That's it.
  15. sysop1

    Specific Difficult edit

    Need help editing this image so that is looks at the angle it is at right now, but so that it looks like a regular photo. In other words if you just rotate the photo, it will be uneven. It needs to be edited a little differently but KEPT at the angle it is currently at, if that makes sense.