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    Monitor specs

    Greetings, gurus. I am in the market for a new monitor. I would like to get some input on the specifications I should be looking for, such as resolution, contrast ratio, adjustable controls, etc. I won't need anything larger than about 23 inches since I am using a dual monitor setup. I am using...
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    Photoshop not opening NEF files

    Just had to upgrade from Win XP to Win 7 64 bit. Reinstalled Photoshop CS5 and now it wont open my Nikon RAW (.NEF) files. Bridge isn't showing the thumbnail images either. The RAW plug-in is version How can I fix this. TIA Steve
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    Masking question

    :neutral: OK. So I created a mask to drop out the background of an image. Then I create a new file with the canvas size I need. In that file I create a solid fill layer. Now I paste my masked image into the new file and the background of this image appears to opaque white. I am under the...
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    Greetings everyone

    I am new to this board and fairly new to photoshop. Had a short career as a commercial photog years ago until I discovered my math and management skills were more valuable than my photography skills. Just recently got myself a serious diital camera and have lots of time on my hands.. I...
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    Tool tip font gone awry (CS5)

    The tool tip dialog font on my tool bar and in the photoshop panels somehow got messed up. When I hover the cursor over a tool or an element in a panel, I see a blank yellow dialog box most of the time. Sometimes I might see a little bit of text but its all screwed up. This leads me to believe...