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    Lava Bears Party

    8} :D This was just a bit of spur of the moment silly fun with some lava lamps I had and some Greatful Dead bears.? They originally were sitting on a cabinet indoors, but I painted in PS a new background and gave it a night time feel.? 8} ---Maya
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    Me (and Owl Friend)

    :) Hi everyone! Just had a bit of fun with my b-day photo taken a few days ago, and brought along a feathered friend I knew from when I lived in Washington state and helped a wildlife rehabilitator. The snowy owl was very special, and after healing flew free again. ---Maya
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    8} 8} 8} 8D Happy Birthday to ya, Mark!!! ?? 8D :} :} :} Have a wonderful day!!! Okay, okay, so enjoy this prelude to the Sept. 4th date.? [shhh]
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    My new website

    Ok, well it works! It's nothing fancy, just a little showcase of some of my works in both traditional and digital media. If anyone is interested in taking a peek go to Raven's Song at Thanks! ;\ ---Maya
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    3D Modo -- great 3d app with new features upgrade soon!

    :surprised: For anyone who is interested in Modo, a new upgrade is coming which includes render and paint features, and much more etc. that looks pretty interesting... check it out here ;) As I just bought the Modo version 102 as a sidegrade from another app...
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    Illustrator Daisy digipic to Vectors

    :D Hi, thought I might post this over here as I used a few different apps...first I started with a digicam photo I took of an African Daisy in my yard, then I worked it over into a vector image and SVG format, finally to post here I used PS and converted the SVG converted to png image to a jpg...
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    African Daisy -- from digi pic to vectors

    :D This was a bit of fun and experimenting with a photo I took of an African Daisy in my yard with a digicam, then worked it over into a vectorized SVG format for a different look and the scalability, from SVG format then converted the file to a jpg in PSCS2 also for viewing here.
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    Amazing 3D pavement chalk paintings

    :D Take a look at Julian Beever's pavement painting -- they are pretty fun and he gets incredible 3d fx! :righton:
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    Mermaid Night Lights

    This was just some fun using VUE5 Inf., Poser6, and PS CS2. Just an idea I had regarding moonflowers (though these are purely imaginery sorts obviously), fireflies, mermaids, nightscenes....The flowers/plants were also 3d, I painted in the moons with PS, did all postwork with PS. Since it...
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    Moth's Giger FX challenge/tute

    8[ First check out Moth's excellent Giger FX tute over in the Tutorials Forum. He has written up a concise set of steps you can use to get some incredible Gigerish-looking other worldly imagery -- thanks for your effort in bringing this back to us all, Moth! -- and a beautiful artwork example...
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    Starfields and Space Imagery Challenge/tute

    Once upon a time.... we had a link posted somewhere around here on how to make starfields, nebulas, planets,etc. in PS. I thought I'd post it again for any others who might want to experiment with PS painting of space scenes.
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    Too Close (PS space painting techniques)

    Once upon a time.... 8[ we had a link posted somewhere around here on how to make starfields, etc. in PS. I thought I'd post it again for any others who might want to experiment with PS painting of space scenes. Here's...
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    Eye of the Wild

    ;) I remember the evil eye tute -- so thought I'd post this one I did quite a while back along that vein to join in with the current eye theme going on here....... (used a pic of my own eye then painted layers, adjustments and greenery -- at the time I was using PS LE and PS7)
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    This was partly done in another app. to set up, but then PSCS was heavily used to paint the wings and the rest of the image to have a *slightly similar* coloration and look as some painted 2d illustrations from another era. ---Maya
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    3D 2 good friends

    Another 3D comp. Poser5, DAZ Millenium horse, Vickie3. :) ---Maya
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    3D Dreamcatcher (update)

    Some fun with 3D/Poser/PS.... ---Maya
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    3D New Puter, New Aps, New pics -- Wheee!

    8D I finally got my new computer (Alienware customized Aurora City with 2 G RAM, Athlon64 FX-55, and the ATI X800 XT Plat. Ed. card -- works very nicely!) and can FINALLY start playing with some 3D aps. Here's a few first pics I made playing with some 3D aps. I'm new to all of these aps and...
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    If you need to post images on a board/forum which only allows direct links to the image hosted elsewhere, and you don't have your own website, check into this free image hosting service at This offers free image albums and storage and 3 different types of links for the...
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    LOTR3 - Return of the King

    Has anyone here seen it? I went to see it last night and was just stunned. It's everything the first 2 films were and more, and really worth the time spent. Ever since I started reading Tolkien's works from the age of 10 I'd imagined it a certain way...and wondered if film makers would ever...