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    Converting a folder of images...

    Hi folks! Long time no see? I like the new colors of the site?. I have lots of images in a folder which I want to convert to another format. How can I command on ps to convert all the images in x folder to another format? Thanks S
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    infrared Effect

    Hello Everyone! Its nice to comeback?I liked the new design of the homage. I need help fox! How can I resample the infrared effect with Photoshop? Thanks Shay
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    Photoshop and Illustrator integration problem...

    Hi Long time no see?hope you miss me because I did. 8} I?m working with Photoshop and Illustrator. I want to use Ps for raster image adjustment and illustrator for vector shapes. I?m using Photoshop ME for writing Hebrew. The problem of integrating those great applications is the...
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    The command "bla" is not available.

    Hi I create an action and i play it. its prompt the massage "The command "bla" is not available" why its happaning? Shay
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    Selecting all in one shot...

    Hi Is there any method to select all the objects from all the layers(shape and raster) in one shot? Thanks Shay
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    Problem importing path to psp...

    Hi I create a dashed line in Illustrator and i planed to export it to psp. i copy paste it and i recieve the Pste diolog box,i choose Path but only the overall shape was imported and not the dashed line i wanted. the second is what i draw in illustrator and the first is what i got in psp...
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    Importing Psp styles to Illustrator....

    Hi its possible to import psp styles (or any other goodies) to be used by illustrator? Shay
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    Costum shape...

    Hi I wanna create a deshed line. if i'll create a simple dashed line and than i'll edit > custom shape . the new shape will scale as the corsur move. how can i create a custom shape without the transformation motive? Thanks
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    Shapes editing warning...

    Hi i just wanna warn you from the Combine option. when you edit shapes with add or substract mode and you combine them using the Combine option(which is in the black arrow option bar) you lose the ability to edit them indevidualy. Just for case Shay
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    Arrange shapes...

    Hi How to arrange shapes. for example i made a shape and i substract shome shapes from it. now i want one shape to be in the front of the other one so it can substract it. Thanks Shay
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    waves crashing on the beach

    Hi ive seen that question in one forum and its interesting. any ideas how to make the waves crashing on the beach of the psp sflash image? Thanks
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    Best computer for digital video editing.

    Hi first of all I've missed this forum. I'm gonna buy a new computer. Could someone please recommend a good choice in computers for running psp and 3d rendering? I dont gonna spend so much money so iMac and built-in system are out of my sight. my intersts components are: Mother...
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    Could not nudge the data becuase ....

    Hi I get this massage: "Could not nudge the data becuase the target does not includes all of the composite channel". its happend while i tryed to move the color channel after i played with the imge,is there anything i should bear im my mind? also in the channel platte,when i add an...
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    Horizontal amd Vertical scale in Displace filter...

    Hi I've read Adove documentions about Horizontal amd Vertical scale in Displace filter but i got confused [confused] . when their both are 100% the effect of the displacment map is 128 max, but what if one of them is under 100? of my experments i see that the scale effect the undefined...
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    Add tp a workpath

    Hi How can i add path to a path in the same workpath? I mean....i select an area with a selection tool and i turn it into a work path, i double click on it to make it parmanent,than i want to make another seelction and to add it to the same path. by another i mean only one selection on...
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    select although its half transparent

    Hi When i decrease the transparency of a layer the auto select doesnt respect the layer and instead it select the underlying layer, how to auto select a layer although its half transparent? shay
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    disable the feather in border...

    Hi How can i disable the feather when i command Select > Border? THanks
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    Photoshop resources

    Hi Can you guys post here link to Photoshop related websites? Thanks
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    Change path stroke later on

    Hi Ive made a path and i apply a stroke (with the button in the path platte) and its paint the stroke with current brush shape. while the stroke display how can i browse the other brushes to see what shape is fit to me? Hope its clear.. Shay
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    Photoshop 8

    Hi I heard that Photoshop 8 on its way and it will be here in 2 weeks,is that true? and...i planed to have the ACE psp 7 you think i should wait for 8? Thanks Shay