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  1. o.robles

    Paid Cartoon fantasy style

    Id like to have the first picture here : to look like this: Please let me know how much, i'd pay paypal.
  2. o.robles

    Paid Calendar work

    +++ This is rather a large job and it's open for bidding +++ I have a set of 12 different pictures from a female model and I need a calendar made before New years, the pictures will be provided along with some Ideas in a zip folder. I'm looking for professional work and will be paid accordingly.
  3. o.robles

    Hello everyone, Oscar here from Northern California!

    I stumbled on this forum while looking for an image on google, I bookmarked and later sign up but forgot about it... fast forward a few months later and here I am an active user, I use photoshop as a hobby and just to kill time. I put some music on and get to choppin" anyways... I'm not new to...
  4. o.robles

    Weird circle lines

    I did this wallpaper for my wife on PS but for the life of me I can't figure out why it shows this weird circles in the background. Any ideas?
  5. o.robles

    Paid Looking for this logo on a shirt $30+

    This is from an old photo of me circa 1995 my dad made this shirt and I wan't to get this logo into another shirt. Don't know much about the format but will need to be put on a shirt so the bigger the better thanks.