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  1. o.robles

    Paid Cartoon fantasy style

    Fulfilled, not by anyone here.
  2. o.robles

    Paid Cartoon fantasy style

    Id like to have the first picture here : to look like this: Please let me know how much, i'd pay paypal.
  3. o.robles

    Paid Calendar work

    Anyone interested this is what I'm looking for in the 12 images provided, along with some ideas and the creativity will be left up to you.
  4. o.robles

    Paid Calendar work

    +++ This is rather a large job and it's open for bidding +++ I have a set of 12 different pictures from a female model and I need a calendar made before New years, the pictures will be provided along with some Ideas in a zip folder. I'm looking for professional work and will be paid accordingly.
  5. o.robles

    Guess the macro 45

    Chocolate cake
  6. o.robles

    Specific Photoshop on height

    A bit taller
  7. o.robles

    Specific Photoshop on height

    Also, "It would be nice the left person to be made a bit taller than the right person. Try to make the left person look a bit taller, not bigger than the right " those two statements contradict each other tho.
  8. o.robles

    Specific Photoshop on height

    Here you go...
  9. o.robles

    Specific Put Dinosaur in the Backgroud

    Thinking about it, if you go back in time all the dinosaurs were scary looking. Even the friendly ones.
  10. o.robles

    Help achieving “xeroxed to death” look

    This images look like they were made on a dot matrix printer ...
  11. o.robles

    Specific Edit Logo for Toon Squad

    I feel like we done this a few times now ...
  12. o.robles

    Specific Extend background?

    Give this a shot, it's missing the shoulder I know but it will work with the round picture. If you need the shoulder to be recreated it will take longer.
  13. o.robles

    Specific Get rid of patch texture and roughness

    Here is a quick vector png image, let me know if you need the SVG file.
  14. o.robles

    Specific a blank page

    Here you go
  15. o.robles

    Specific Remove the red filter

    I think that's as close to a real picture as possible without the red filter.
  16. o.robles

    Specific Remove the red filter

    Here you go :D
  17. o.robles

    Specific Better resolution?

    Here is what I came out with, the image is very small and low resolution so my image lost some of the details/ hope this helps.
  18. o.robles

    Specific Blaringly white hand and cracking nail polish

    One with no hand ... I know you didn't ask for it but just in case you want to use it.