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  1. Hybrus

    Vinyl Cutter Software

    Hello Gurus, I need a cutter plotter software, Anyone know does know?
  2. Hybrus

    Shark Shirt .. Another Year

    I just want to show you guys this design that I submitted to our College/University(Sport Fest Competition.) . I am not expecting this to win what I am after is the experience of participation.
  3. Hybrus

    How to make Something like this

    How to make something like this. I cannot find a tutorial of this. Please help me I really to make one of this.
  4. Hybrus

    [What Videocard is best for Photoshop?]

    What is the best videocard for photoshop and Illustrator? I am planning to buy a new one. My Videocard is recently broken I think. Last night there where glimps or misbehavior on my screen then a moment later my PC restarted.
  5. Hybrus

    Pen Tablet help with Photoshop and Illustrator

    I have some trouble choosing pen tablet. since I had no experience having one. or holding one. or using one. I am looking for pen tablet that I can use well both Illustrator and Photoshop. I am looking for suggestions for best options.
  6. Hybrus

    fox or wolf.

    Are they a fox or a wolf? I know they are wolves but I am kind of confused :neutral:, If I can call one of them a Alpha Wolf, are they malnourish? :razz: which of them fitted to be a lonewolf and alpha wolf? sorry for many questions :wink:
  7. Hybrus

    Low quality image for vector art portrait

    Greetings guyz, I am currently doing a vector portrait, Is there any possibilities to improve the quality of this image? I just want to improve the details and I need to make the image more clearer So when I posterize it in photoshop it will give me good results and details. Hoping somebody out...
  8. Hybrus

    Good day, I am Wrollen.

    Hello there, I am Wrollen, I am using Photoshop for 5 years and looking forward to learn adobe illustrator. I had the experience of freelancing 4 years ago and for an instance a difficult problem came up to my life and sadly broke my career as a freelancer. But then, as time goes by. I Decided...
  9. Hybrus

    LANYARD for a friend

    hello. my friend ask me to make her a lanyard design. which is inspired by BARANGAY GINEBRA a famous basketball team in our country. . i decided to post what a made to hear some suggestion and to make my design better . . thank you in advance
  10. Hybrus

    shark shirt

    hi, i just want to show you this design that i made to our college intrams shirt . . . i am looking forward for any suggestions . . thank you