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    C. Arts Tutorials.

    Check out: Downloadable pdf versions of previous magazine tutorials. Most are chargeable at 30 bob a pop, but there are a couple of freebies. (Look under the Tutorial links, items marked as premium are chargeable) Freebies includie a decent face make-over, and a...
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    Pantone to RGB Chart

    Here's a link to a handy Pantone conversion chart. Useful for those needing a quick reference to RGB & Hex values for spot colours. Just follow the path at the bottom of the page: Links > Useful Stuff > Pantone to RGB This is the guys...
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    3D BMW Z4 WIP

    Here's my new baby, still not fully formed but it's getting there. ;) Lots to do in the lighting and texturing department. Still learning. Hub caps are temporary and the bonnet catch needs a bit of WD40 to help it close properly. All C4D 8.5 modeling using lofted splines, converted...
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    Another PS Thumbnail Action

    I made this for a request in the PSG General board. It creates thumbnails from user defined selections of an image. Three aspect ratios: 4:3, 3:4, 1:1 Final sizes: 120x90, 90x120, 100x100 pixels. Easily modified to suit custom sizes. Just needs Save destination re-recorded. Made using...
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    3D Des Res, Needs TLC.

    Getting to grips with C4D and BodyPaint tends to make you forget the daily chores. :D This is my first entry for the C4D forum weekly challenge. Al.
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    Calibration Stuff

    Free calibrated colour targets & info. Al.
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    Loopiness without Sinedots

    This quickie tutorial is for the poor neglected Mac-ites who feel left out from the Ribbon Thread and are excluded from using the PC only Sinedots plug-in. This is a basic outline for a technique (Mac & PC) which uses Illustrator for the creation of a starter mesh. The same can actually be...
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    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Protect me from knowing what I don't need to know. Protect me from even knowing that there are things to know that I don't know. Protect me from knowing that I decided not to know about the things that I decided not to know about. Extract from Mostly Harmless, fifth book in the...
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    Tip for circular text in Photoshop

    Seems that folk without Illustrator are out in the cold with circular text! Try this instead of 'Warping' the text: 1. Create a new SQUARE document of whatever size you like. 2. Type in the text you want, making sure that it fits almost to the edges. 3. Rasterize the text. 4. Make sure...
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    Bergdesign free FF plug-in

    Check out this freeby Filter Factory filter. (Link courtesy of Welles over at PST) Works in Photoshop on PC and Mac up to OS9. Not available on OSX. It's a simple knock out white filter. try it along with the other two filters...
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    Bargains from Corel

    Corel have chopped the prices of a few plug-ins and Apps. Prices I've read in MacUser (UK). Knockout 2: ?48 Bryce 5: about ?75 KPT Collection, comprising KPT 5, KPT 6 & KPT Effects: ?64 Got to be a bargain at these prices. Al
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    1%K in default white??

    I happened to notice that my masks were acting a bit funny. I was getting partial transparency when painting on the mask with default white. I checked it with the eyedropper and info palette. Sure enough, I had a 1%K in the white. The swatches white was OK. I ditched all relevant...
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    Think you can trust your eyes?

    Open it in Photoshop and check with the eyedropper. Cheers Al