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    Paid Private Photoshop Request (Photo Restoration) $15

    I have a photo booth photo that is 80 years old that needs restoration. I want someone to take as much time as required to restore this so that I can make a 16X20 or larger print. There is no hurry within reason. The photo was carried in a mans wallet for 60 years and has plenty of wear to show...
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    Paid Restore Old Photo As Close As Possible To Original in 1929 $20 Paypal

    Would like attached image restored as close as possible to original condition. Picture appears to have been tinted with green watercolor when printed. Preserve as much fine detail as possible. Repair flaws: blotching, stains, cracks, tears, fading, etc. I would like two images created for me...
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    Hello! Great Forum!!

    I think there are some Wizards mixed in with the Gurus here! Thanks for this forum.