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    Vexed, can't do thread things

    I want to add more stuff to my Variable Frequency thread, but apparently I can't. 1. I can't reply directly to my initial post. That is, no Reply button. 2. Can't edit post, either. Very vexing.
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    Variable Frequency

    Now that I can get to the server, here is my pseudo-magnificant return. What's to follow is the ramble that I did on other forums. In case you missed it, here is some C&P action. The only thing is that I never really did get around to closing comments. You know, pros and cons type stuff. And...
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    Funky Emboss Challenge

    One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how a simple little idea can be exploded to many different things. Start with a simple foundation or idea, and move up from there for some uber coolness. Let's take something as simple as Emboss and make it funky. I know how to do it. I'm sure a few of...
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    Two Lab tutorials/articles

    Getting close to 24 hours. Normally wouldn't be so bad, but last night's physical activity was a bit extreme. Nothing like throwing your pH balance way out of whack. Something like that. Anyways, I've been working on going on a rampage.Yeah, another rampage. Rawr. Equating HSL and Lab...
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    PC/Win filter: Minor ab Manip

    My first Lab specific filter. All the rage thanks to Dan. Uh oh, I feel a rant coming on. Lab mode is good, but the tools are so lacking. So I did my own version of Levels that is geared towards Lab mode. Only manipluates a and b, so it's minor. But don't be fooled. Yes, Lab mode - will not...
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    PC/Win filter: Lum Frequences

    Something I've been messing with: Lum Frequencies Long story, so I'll keep it short. If you've ever used High Pass to boost contrast, you might want to give this a whirl. It allows you to boost contrast in the Lum channel on different frequencies using some basic scaling tweaks. Because it...
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    Art History Challenge and Fiddle

    Courtesy of my own fiddlings and Lobmi's recent tutorial. - The main tool must be Art History. - Filters are allowed, but should not dominate Art History. For example, Charcoal then Art History. Or to add some canvas texture sans Art History. (If you've got the gumption for it, try to get Art...
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    Thread Deletion

    Thread Deletion Every once-and-awhile a thread will be deleted without warning or notice. Please don't get your knickers in a twist over this. So far the only reason for immediate deletion of thread has been for posting a URL with illegal software. This is bad for everybody. I don't want...
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    Evil Gradient Challenge #2

    Evil Gradient Challenge #2 I was dinking around the other day and was in need some some specific gradients based on the full spectrum and luminosity. When I got the gradients that I needed, it occurred to me that it would make for a good "evil gradient challenge". Start with something very...
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    PC/Win filter: Colour 2 Colour

    Intro to Curves by Steve. See Page 3 for the technique that Colour 2 Colour is based on. I feel that it is rather important to understand the basic technique. PC/Win Filter > Tech Slop > Colour 2 Colour Modes: RGB 8-bit, RGB 16-bit Layers palette filename: TS_colour2colour.8bf...
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    Silly Lil' Plug-ins Stroker-style

    Burned the oil. Burned a candle at both ends and even a little bit in the middle. If you have my old ones, please delete them. As a favor to me and my idiocy. Extract plug-ins to your plug-in directory. Will be Filter > Tech Slop. All are beta 1 and have no real error checking just...
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    Hue Extraction via ChOps

    Hue Extraction via ChOps Max Only Start with a photo. Go to Channels palette. Copy Red for 'Red copy'. Image > Apply Image using Channel: Green Mode: Lighten You've just compared R to G and taken the lighter of the two. Let's toss B into the Mix. Image > Apply Image using...
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    FX-Zone refuges - reunite!

    There was a time when it was good - it was very good. Then it started slipping. Then it got bad. Then it sucked. Then it seriously sucked. Now it's completely gone. C'est la vie with mixed emotions. I am a refuge from the forums that shall not be named. I know that there are a few...
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    HSB and ChOps ramble

    I'm on a rampage over at the Asylum. Here's a cut-n-paste for ya'll. I'm being shorter than usual, so I'll do my best to clarify any confusing Stroker-speak. ******** Too much stuff, so I'm going to leave some loose ends for now. Just don't have the strength right now for some of the...
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    My first public plug: Level3

    Still dinking around with junk. Long story short: I was getting tired of doing this the long way and decided to make my own plug to do my grunt work in a way that I like. Filter Meister ahoy. It's primary function is to desaturate using L from Lab. Apparently Photoshop does this a little...
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    3D Painting Reflection Maps

    Quick-n-sleazy even for me. Painting Reflection Maps Thought I would give ya'll a holler on some low-tech tricks. Got some more junk coming when I get the time.
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    One of those chunks of code

    Working on some urinary bitwise junk in VB. During the course of the day, I have jotted down several pages of notes. I wrote the code, and made sure that it works properly. A few minutes later, I have no idea how it works. a$ = Mid$(txtStage1.Text, i, 1) x = Asc(a$) b$ = Mid$(total2$...
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    Borg Eye with Stroker

    Borg Eye with Stroker I am definitely not known for my painting skills. I am one of the sloppiest painters you will ever meet. Even with my sloppy, meager skills, I do manage to surprise myself on occassion. There was a time when I was afraid of painting. I always thought that no matter...
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    3D Max Slop - my new tutorial site is coming

    The beginnings of my new tutorial site that focuses on 3DS Max. The simplicity of it should look familiar, heh. Still working on the front door, but the first 3 are up: Mapping Channels Mapping Channels Decal Mapping Rubik's with Channels Soon I'm going to start babbling about...
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    3D Mapping Channel Interest?

    Mapping channels are cool. I've got some tutorial ideas running around in my head. Unfortunately, I'm a Max user. That is, I don't know if other 3d programs use them or in what capacity. Several questions: Does your non-Max 3d program have mapping channels? If so, what 3d prog is it? Do...