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    Specific Hi, can someone please remove the background and match colors

    I've tried getting rid of the background but it always is rough around the edges so I need someone to clean up around the edges. Also I need the colors to match the colors on the jerseys that I will attach. Cheers!
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    Specific Miami Heat Style Font

    Hi guys, I'm in the middle of creating a basketball uniform for our team and we have decided to make our design replicate the black Miami Heat 'Vice' jerseys. I need help with the font for the front of the jerseys and need someone to create a logo the same as the Miami one but reading...
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    Specific Request to remove people from a picture

    Hi, if anyone could help me out by removing the person on the top and the right in this group pic that would be awesome. Thanks.
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    Specific Edit background

    I am wondering if anyone would be able to edit a photo for me. It is a picture of my friend dunking a basketball and I want to get rid of the people in the background by maybe having that darker grey wall covering the people and equipment to make it look like it is just a wall and floor with...