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    skull and face

    i am trying to make a picture of a face via a photo have either a visible skull under the skin (sort of transparent skin) or 1/2 the face normal and 1/2 skull. how can i go about doing this? any tips would be gr8
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    paper blending

    hi all :righton: i am editting an image of my mate so he's holding a piece of paper.... but the whiteness of the paper looks fake ....anyone know how i can blend this betr and/or make the paper look more realistic?
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    wats the windows default font

    wats the default windows font (the one for folders etc.) is it system? i am working on a project and need this to continue :) thanks guys and gals
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    image pixelly all the time

    if u go to the background is sorted but i have cut the limo pic 5 times now it's always pixelly :( below is a link to the orig pic can somone plz help with this it's doing my head in any ideas at all
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    i need your help!!

    please all go to and sign up once signed up go to the top forum "counter strike" and go to the sticky threads "mini vote" and "redo: SH server's fate" and vote for "SH" thanks all :) we need votes quick!!
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    cold face if you look at the 1st pic it looks like the face is sort of ice cold can i get this effect? i tried a colorize but doesn't work :(
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    help making logo grungy

    hi all :) i am making a new website and for 1 layout i am thinking of a grunge effect, but my logo doesn't sit well on it just wondering if anyone can suggest anything that could help. thanks p.s yes i've tried blend modes att. logo i want grunged
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    a bit of help needed

    i am looking for some help on how to make the following: 1) spiders web sort of effect 2) a circuit board or some sort of computer circuitry any help would be great :D thanks
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    CS won't install :(

    when i go to install PS CS 8.0 it says i need windows 200 SP3 but i am running ME .... i know ppl with XP and ME who have it ... any ideas?
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    some tutorials/ideas needed

    hi all need some help or ideas i am making a picture for my college calendar and need to right "students online" across another image i have made my idea for this is to have a sort of kiddish font trailing off to either a pen or a little kid/stickman so can somone help me find or...
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    what font? they use a font called "disgusting behaviour" but can't find it anywhere is it called something else?
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    alv and ahu

    what are these 2 in photoshop can't seem to find where they go. any help plz?
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    image ready q

    sorry i know this is simple but i can't rmeber how to make frames in imageready i haven't used it in ages i opneed it up the other day and was like "how do i add frames" [saywhat]
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    blend troubles

    hopefully somone can help i am tryin to blend the blue background with the yellow but even if i lower opacity it doesn't look right ...i've tried layer styles overlay etc. any ideas? here is an idea of what i'm trying to do
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    some effects needed please

    i am making a website in college with the topic on music. the color theme must be blue and yellow can somone make me a table bg incorperating this (can be only blue or only yellow if u want) if somone can do this it would help alot ScOrp
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    evil eye tut

    files required: 1) open your eye.jpg, if you want to make it smaller wait until you have finished the tut. duplicate this layer and set it to multiply. this will either make it lighter or darker depending on the light. now open up texture 1.jpg...
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    cool evil eye

    anyone intrested in this effect?
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    cel shading an image?

    is it poss to cel shade an image or give it that sort of look? any ideas?
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    anyone know how to make a urban camo effect for text (black white and grey)
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    smoke trail

    i am tryin to make a smoke trail on the PSD i want the smoke to be sort of on the path that its currently on but i want the smoke to be goin about 80%trans or pale white by the pic on the right to really pale white (10-15%trans on left) so it looks like the smoke is dissapearing can somone...