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    Those Pesky Pixels

    When I take a picture with my digital camera in a format for example of 2832x2128. Isn?t it true that at this point the picture is just a series of horizontal pixels times the vertical pixels and the concept of dpi comes into play only when you are looking at the picture on a medium such as a...
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    Image Size Dialog Box

    Images from my digital camera that are viewed in PhotoShop always indicate a resolution of 72 ppi in the Image Size dialog box. It doesn?t matter if the images were taken at 1 mega pixel, 2M or 3M, they all have a resolution of 72 ppi indicated in the Image Size dialog box. I assume that is...
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    Scale to Fit Media Print Option

    When I check "Scale to Fit Media" in my print options what exactly is going on? Does it get resampled? Does the resolution change? And what is the difference between using this option and setting my document size in the "Image Size" dialog box?