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    How do we get this site back on line?

    As Gare mentioned to me a week or two ago, this site has come to a grinding halt. A funeral home. Why, I muse? :{ Once one of the freshest and hot topic sites for PS, PSG seems to have taken a swan dive, whether it's a guy like Welles, or the contributions of ronmatt, and many, many others...
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    MS Expression

    MS has gone back to calling Expression, Expression! The code name,Acrylic, lasted for one beta release. Anyway, the point is, if you haven't had a look at this product, for a while, take a peek. The latest release (Jan 06) has added a lot of small things, that make it a well balanced...
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    Weird PSG posting activity

    I think that I'm starting to be the resident site nag. Todays "rag" is that when I post a reply, the board sends me into the room of the original post. For example, if I pull up the latest posts, and respond to something in Techniques (or whatever), when I hit POST, it sends me to the Techniques...
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    Profile Edit

    Mark. Thought I'd do a wee upgrade to the Profile, but it seems to get me nowhere, at least using Firefox. Might wanna give it a boo, or let me know if y'all gotta prob. :\ Steve
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    I recently downloaded a fully functional 30-day trial of CaptureWizPro, on the recommendation of a friend, and I am impressed. It's ideal for those who write tutorials, but I find I'm using it for a number of different things. Nice small UI, that tucks away when not in use. And for $30, it's...
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    phpBB site hacked

    I don't know how many of you host forums using phpBB, but if you do you may want to keep an eye on their site (after they get up and going again). I imagine there'll be a lot coming in terms of describing the vulnerability, and news of patches and/or upgrades. Anyway, just a heads up to...
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    Product Review/Product Review Feedback

    Hey folks, I can understand why the Product Review forum is closed to other than mods, but the Feedback? Or am I missing the point? [innocent] Anyway as someone who has used Xara products from day 1, I wanted to comment/add to Welles review. I'd also be willing to throw out a review of...
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    3D Sketchup 3D

    Wondering if anyone here has played around with, or used SketchUp. Pulled a demo down this evening, and it's an architect's dream, I would think. Can get pretty complex, (which is cool), and has a big supporting community, that have a million ideas, and examples of their work. Seems pretty...
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    Mud slow load

    Hey Mark, this is one of the coolest PS sites going, but what is with the load time? Is it the content heavy design? All I know is the pages on this site limp into existence, and I'm on cable.God bless the 57K modem folk. If you need some loot to up to better server, say as much. We make...
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    Illustrator Xara X question

    Just want to preface by saying that I've asked this on another forum, so if it looks redundant, it is! So here goes: I bought Xara X about a year ago, and never really got to using it. Recentlty, I started playing with it and discoverd that it is an amazingly versatile vector program. A...