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    More Lockdowns

    How things are going in your area? Is your local government planning for another lockdown, again? There is a lot of news recently that there are a number of states that will issue another lockdown closing non-essential facilities/businesses along the way. Washington State banned indoor...
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    need help , while removing guide lines in creating alphabet logo

    I choose the elliptical marquee tool and draw a circle. I then stroke it with 3 px. It comes out as a perfect circle, nice and solid. Now, I select the Rectangular Marquee tool, draw a rectangle, and stroke it with the exact same settings. But, the edges are strokes blurry, I don't know why it...
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    Greetings from Romania

    Welcome to the forum! And good luck with your final project. I'm sure you will pass that with flying colors. :)
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    Any tips for adding timestamps...

    I have been trying to make some stream overlay in CS6, and arranging animation through AE. However, I am still having a hard time setting timestamps. Would anyone of you guys suggest easy tips in adding timestamp (time frames) in AE?
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    Game Streaming questions

    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm on the right board to ask this but what are the best effects, brushes, and objects to be used in creating a professional-like overlay for game streaming?
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    Magazine mock-up

    Whoa, the overall concept was great though yeah, there was an overdid process around the eye.
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    Free Music Resource

    It's nice visiting this thread from time to time though, whenever I feel like listening to music, Eric got all the good ones here. :thumbsup:
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    Covid Deaths It doesn't say anything about the treatment causing the bleed that eventually killed her, but it does make it pretty clear that without the medical interventions she would have already been dead because her lungs...
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    Covid Deaths

    The government and medical professionals don’t have a clue what they are doing with this virus, remember when they were telling people not to bother wearing masks unless it was an N95, because anything else was useless? Now they preach wearing them all the time. How did they mess that...
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    Covid Deaths

    I believe most deaths attributed to covid are caused by the treatment, not the virus. For example, I read a story about a 28-year-old doctor who died battling the virus. They tried numerous treatments none worked. They discovered bleeding on the brain caused by the treatment and she died. It's...
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    Paid Can someone photoshop some girls for me

    I think he's vying for a free copy of his request lol
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    Logo for project

    Which one does your friend choose? I like the black one though. If VOZIOR is an abbreviation(or some part of it) you may want to add that another letter in your logo to make it more unique. Just my suggestion, good job though!
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    Best approach for removing tree?

    Not my post, but I learned some thanks @Rich54!
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    How to blur out car number plate?

    @JeffK Oh yes sorry. @IamSam Thank you for the guide!
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    How to blur out car number plate?

    Hi, how to blur out car number plate? Help please, thanks.
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    drawing shapes with curvature tool

    The easiest and most comfortable way to draw using photoshop is with pen tool.
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    COVID-19 How's it affecting you and your city?

    Stuck doing work from home. And my city is doing better than in other cities, we got fewer COVID-19 infections in this past week.
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    What mouse do you prefer?

    Razer's still my first choice for a gaming mouse and keyboard and it did not disappoint me up until now. :)
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    How to Change Skin Tones

    Wow, that is a great idea to take, thanks for sharing this. But I am good with my Sunkist skin. :)