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  1. Yorkmove

    Paid Alice in wonderland backdrop

    Hi. I work for a care home and we’ve recently had a mad hatter tea party. I will purchase a digital backdrop and would like the residents and staff photos edited to appear In the foreground looking realistic. We have a £50 budget for this for around 40 photos. I will need to email over the...
  2. Yorkmove

    Creative Could someone please photoshop me in the dress.

    Hey Gurus. I’ve had some great work done on here, so I’m back. I would love to have the dress on. Could you do this for me please? I would love to have my head replaced the models and the skin tone on the neck, hands and leg changed to my skin tone. I hope the headshot is suitable. Thanks in...
  3. Yorkmove

    Specific Photoshop Santa on the seesaw?

    Hi. love the previous photoshop of my cat and now seeing If someone would you be able to change the guy on the right of the seesaw for a Santa please?. i’ve attached an image of the Santa I would like. I’m hoping this is possible to do. I would love a Christmas photo of me and Santa haha...
  4. Yorkmove

    Specific Cat portrait help please

    Hi, good morning all. I’m hoping someone could help me with this. I would love to have my cat Frank on a renaissance or old portrait image. Please could someone swap the lion head for my cat Frank’s head. I have attached the lion photo and I have uploaded a few photos of Frank, so as to get his...