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  1. Demented Dave

    How is this done?

    hello everyone ! I have photoshop version 21.1.2 below is an image someone photo shopped & i would like know how it was done. im still in the beginning stages . ive tried looking it up on youtube & the web with no success. a link to a tutorial or video or any step by step instructions would be...
  2. Demented Dave

    My brother passed need help with photo

    I would be very grateful if anyone can photoshop a photo of my brother who lost his battle with prostate cancer on 12/03/2016 The picture that I chose is my brother on a motorcycle, I would like the background removed, the picture quality is not that good + it's some of the lower part of bike...
  3. Demented Dave

    how to make custom football helmets?

    need help, im new to photoshop & i want to learn how to make custom football helmets for my fantasy football league, i dont know where to begin.step by step instructions would be good. im using photoshop elements 13 thanks dave
  4. Demented Dave

    hello to all from royal palm beach , FL

    im a newbie to photoshop & i have lots to learn