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    Specific Remove glare from face and bags under eyes

    Hi all, I have some requests for this picture, to remove: - the glare from the face - the bags under the eyes - any other improvements to the face With respect to the privacy of the other person, I only uploaded part of the image. The result will be rejoined with the original picture, so...
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    Reduce wrinkles from T-shirt

    Hi, Could some try to reduce the wrinkles from my T-shirt? I couldn't upload the pic to this forum without changing it, therefore I uploaded the original to Thanks in advance! PS: On second look I'd like to edit my face as well. I removed the bright spot of the sun...
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    Improving cell phone camera head shot (was: Removing wrinkles)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Photoshop and I would like to edit my photo: - removing wrinkles (forehead, under eyes, the right cheek (left in picture)) - because of my glasses, you do not see skin under the edge of my glasses: I want this to be changed Can anyone help me with this?
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    Remove someone from photo

    Hi, I have the following request. I'd like the third person in the picture to be removed, and number four to be moved to the left (so taking the place of number 3). The windows in the back may be removed, if that is easier. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm mrbomb and I'm really new to Photoshop. I'm looking forward to learn a lot on this forum.