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    Restore Picture

    Could any of you help me restore this thing? It's a painnnnnn I've tried many times and I can't get anything close to good. I'd love to see what you all can do.
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    Photo touch-up.... again

    I have no clue what happened. This might be some kind of reflection off of my lens. Anyways, it's a perfect catch, but its a horrible photo? Any suggestions? Feel free to try but please tell me how you did your method, so I can give it a whirl myself! Thanks
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    Text Effect???

    Guys, I was messing with the warped text tool, but it just isn't giving me this effect. The text has to be straight but the bottom of the text has to form around a object.. like this shirt shows:
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    Photoshop CS2 bugging

    My CS2 will not let me brush or draw or erase. It shows up on the history pallet, but it is not visible. I've tried repairing, uninstalling and reinstalling. Does anyone know what's going on here? -Al
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    Help - Vanishing point?

    I'm trying to work on this image and I want to get rid of the grey part but continue on the blue and black parts. The attatched shows what I mean, and the link sends you to the full size image. Would you prefer vanishing point? It's okay if you try to do this yourself, but I want to know how to...
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    Back Into Manipulation!

    First manipulation that I've done in quite a while. It's basically been a whole year! :cry:
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    Would anyone be willing to give me a couple good sites that would show me how to use the 'Actions' pallete? I realized that I've never used it and that it may just be useful. If not a website, does anyone have good explanation and instructions that they could give me. I also realized there is a...
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    Help with photo-retouch

    [confused] I can't get this thing looking good. Is there anything that I can do? I know it is a bad-quality photo but I have to get it looking somewhat decent; better than it is now for the most part. - Al
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    Custom Texture Brush?

    I know that you can paintbucket patterns and from what I last remembered, you could do the same thing with the paintbrush, but in CS2 I can't quite figure it out. Basically, what I want to do, is be able to use the paintbrush to paint my own textures. I would like to select a textural area of a...
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    After doing a lot of graphical work for small companies, I'm picking up on just having fun. Here's one of my newest experimentations. I basically took a picture of waves, and polared it 3 times at the same time as rotating the canvas. I then used the pen tool to create a line within the shape...
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    Digital Scrapbooking!!!

    Hey Guys. I'm back and I'm new. If you look at the New Users Form, you will find a post from me there. I've been reading up on digital scrapbooking lately and I am interested in it! I know this is very basic, but it's a little something that I wanted to do for my momma. Give me some ideas for...
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    IM BACK!

    Hi guys! My name is Alistair Wressnigg and I am a old time member. I was very active on this site a few years back. I have enjoyed this site very much and I am a 5 year old member. If any of you old timers remember, my work was very dark and depressing as much potential as it had. I went through...
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    Page made in photoshop amd imageready

    Hi all. I ended up deciding that I wanted to redo my schools hideous arts department page. It was horrible in the first place. Black bg with that ancient swirling... midevil text. you know, the whole eleborate thing. It really didnt represent the school's art program. So I redid it. There...
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    Thanks Mark...

    I haven't been around here for a while but I sure did notice the awesome changes to the style of this place. Mark, I just wanted to say, this is looking better than ever. I've decided to participate in the forums more often and share my knowledge and stuff, since I really have slacked off on...
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    Finally I got my wacom

    I saw another wacom thread and remembered to mention this. I got a wacom a week or so ago from ebay, brand new, works like a beut. I love it and use it all the time already.
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    3D 3d Show Off Room II

    Hey all! Since 3d show off room #1 (located here: ) has problems because of to many posts (no posts exist for topic) I have decided to create a new 3d Show Off Room! I will be posting some 3d stuff as soon as I get home from school...
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    Very useful for beginers of html. Quick Reference of... JavaScript Library HTML Cheatsheet Special Characters Color Codes Browser Chart Stylesheet Guide Unix Guide Glossary Domain Registries HERE:
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    I burned my first....

    Cd (i sware i did a thread like this before... but just in case ;) :D )
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    Problems with netscape

    Having probs with netscape? Well I am. Netscape and are not being happy together :( It has been loading white.... no skin at all.... all it is is white and the bare bones of the site. On internet explrer it loasds fine... but i hate ie... it is slow as hell, it doesnt fade...
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    Making a solar system? (or a bunch of very nice stars)

    I need to create a background for a piece... but it cant look cartoony or anything, and I dont want any planets. I just want really cool looking stars. I have tried various ways... does anyone have a good tutorial or something to accomplish this? 8)) in advance - Alistair