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    Restore Picture

    Could any of you help me restore this thing? It's a painnnnnn I've tried many times and I can't get anything close to good. I'd love to see what you all can do.
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    Photo touch-up.... again

    I have no clue what happened. This might be some kind of reflection off of my lens. Anyways, it's a perfect catch, but its a horrible photo? Any suggestions? Feel free to try but please tell me how you did your method, so I can give it a whirl myself! Thanks
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    Text Effect???

    Ahh, got it! Arc Lower is what I was looking for. NEVERMIND! :P
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    Text Effect???

    Guys, I was messing with the warped text tool, but it just isn't giving me this effect. The text has to be straight but the bottom of the text has to form around a object.. like this shirt shows:
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    Photoshop CS2 bugging

    Ahhh I do have a graphic tablet.. and the pen or mouse might've been on it. But I did actually reformat my whole computer and it worked fine after that. I think it was a problem with the OS itself.
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    Photoshop CS2 bugging

    This is on a new document. It doesn't paint, pencil, erase, dodge, burn, stamp... nothing. (I tried on a background layer and a new layer) -Al
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    Photoshop CS2 bugging

    My CS2 will not let me brush or draw or erase. It shows up on the history pallet, but it is not visible. I've tried repairing, uninstalling and reinstalling. Does anyone know what's going on here? -Al
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    Photoshop 9.02 update available

    2GB? I'm not sure if I've been that high yet. [confused]
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    What digitalcamera should I get?

    Does anyone know about the Canon Rebel?
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    Help - Vanishing point?

    I'm trying to work on this image and I want to get rid of the grey part but continue on the blue and black parts. The attatched shows what I mean, and the link sends you to the full size image. Would you prefer vanishing point? It's okay if you try to do this yourself, but I want to know how to...
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    Glossy look on rounded rectangle with pictures attached to it

    SkyDiver, The link does not seem to work for me.
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    Fixing an old photo

    Well done so far! I would continue by coloring the ship and maybe touching it up a bit (with airbrush?). - Alistair
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    metal bug

    :bustagut: Ron, How would you know if God uses Photoshop or not? Maybe he was using version -7000 :\ :D
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    Me (and Owl Friend)

    I live in Washington! I love it here :D
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    first post

    Oh don't you worry, i'm sure ron will be pleased to see this! And if not, I forgive you for him [shhh] :D - Al
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    Help with photo-retouch

    that's very good! How did you do that? [saywhat]
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    new and not to bright

    ron, You are right. My 6 year old e-machines definately didn't make it :\
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    Lightroom Beta 3 available for PC too...

    pretty awesome. I just need to buy a camera first [innocent]
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    new and not to bright

    I'm so proud of being one of those who overdid it system-wise [innocent] :D