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    cutting multiple slices from one image

    Hi there, I want to know that can we able to create multiple slices(20x27) from one image? basic idea is to create a puzzle from one image. below is the image i would like to create multiple slices as puzzle it is really grateful if anyone can help :) Thanks!
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    Want your help to learn how to get cinematic look

    Hi guys, I need to know how can i get cinematic look for our images as i saw in Instagram profile : here are some of his edits : So I want to learn how he is getting this kind of look using photoshop & LR :) For sample here is the image i can...
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    Post Processing How to apply night mode effect on a photo

    HI, I want to create an effect similar to the night mode in our phones & pc. so when it applied to the image ,it gives yellow kind of look but still color remains same.(not 100%) So can anyone help me to get it by photoshop. Thank you :) here is the image that i want to add that effect.
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    California lifestyle

    Hi, Help me to Create this "California lifestyle" with warm color represents i would like to know how to create this color tone with LR OR PS the image i want to apply is this one >>>>(plsease click the image to download original) can any one help me to get that warm tone color effect...
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    Low resolution image to high resolution image help

    Hi, I would like to know any techniques to get low resolution image to high resolution. for example i attached a image below. for this image help me how to enhance it for high resolution image. also i would like it in 1500 * 2000 resolution. I would really appreciate if some one can help me :)
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    Give an image an orange cast (was: Help to get an (orange) instergram (sic) effect)

    Hi , I am looking to create photos similar to these. Here are the effects i like to get》》 Very interested to know how the photos are adjusted for this finish in photoshop. here some images that anyone could try out. Thanks for helping!
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    want help to improve this image.

    hi,can any one help me to shrpen this image while reduce noise & pixalaration. also i want to know how to do it.. i know there so many professionalls in this forum. also i got so many knowledge from that persons. i will thankfull for any one can help me :)
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    help for creating a proper mask

    hi i have problem with create a good mask for black sweater in this image because of hair. im using that mask to change color to biege color. can any one help me to how to take proper mask.(if you can provide your psd file for me it is also better :) ) i tried topaz remask,luminacity masking...
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    can any one change color of this case

    hi, Can any one send me the psd file for color change of this image to any color?(only need to change black case) I will glad if you can help me . Thank you So much!
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    background removing help

    Hi there, i have a problem with this image background removing, i removed the background using ps & topaz re mask tool, but i can't get proper removing of the women hair. can any one help me to know how to remove background on these situations. Thanks!
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    pantone color change

    Hi there, can any one help me to change color of this image to PANTON 712C i tried it using lab color mode but it gets pixelerated :( i would glad he/she will tell me how to do correct color change of this image. also providing psd file is appreciated :wink: Thanks!
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    i need help to color cange of this images

    hi, I need a help form photoshop expert,who can change this image color into 4 colors as in the last image i added. actually i tries to do this by my own.but im failed :( also i could glad for telling me how he/she did that color change. im tried using hue/saturation tool,but it won't effect :(...