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    Specific Simple Manipulation

    See the sample pic.. Dog as superman.. Do the same as superman and some other superheroes as per your wish for the following two puppies. Thanks
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    Specific Reduce the gap

    Can someone reduce the gap and bring them both closer and make some neat plain background.. Thanks in advance
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    Specific Photo composite

    Can someone make her sit and look at the screen in another image?
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    Background change, skin tone and hair curls remove

    Anybody please refine the hair curls and even the skin tone and change the background of that image...If you can, also change the costume...Please help me...Thank you
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    Replace the head, Remove pimples and make any manipulations in car like lens flare...

    1. Remove pimples in this photo and patch the broken sunglass frame...and cut the head... 2. replace the head in second photo head..and do any colourful manipulations in the car..use lens flare effects Sorry for bad english....Reply ASAP Please help me...i need to use this photo urgent...Please