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    Read new jokes everyday, also post your jokes here.

    is that was new joke lol :bustagut:
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    My First Repair

    you have done a fantastic here
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    Minehead Railway

    you are a genius :thumbsup:
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    Pretty 60 year old woman

    hey old man u did a great work again.
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    PC Game Box template attempt

    cool design but your front cover is not matching with your box use distort or perspective for adjustment(ctrl+T) thanks,
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    Hot Ride

    No doubt! you are a good manipulator, i can see your experience here i love your thinking and work technique you did a outstanding job here, and my favorite is horse legs i can see they are burning , you better know how to play with the colour and images. and one more thing your posts is always...
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    Er, Uh, Not Sure If Serious

    great work crotale, i like it :thumbsup:
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    Fully Customisable Arcade Machine

    nice attempt spwa :thumbsup:
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    Poll What is your continent?

    Asia, (new delhi, INDIA)
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    Paul do you know you are the only one active member here coz you change your avatar regularly :bustagut:
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    Bug created in Photoshop

    how much time you spent for this job.
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    Hello everyone

    not very good work but it was so funny, nice attempt i like your thinking and creative mind i am sure u will learn a lot from this forum so keep photoshoping and keep posting best of luck :thumbsup:
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    Cave Above The Clouds

    here is a good manipulator with the great work.... i like it alot good job hershy :thumbsup:
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    Poll What Version of Photoshop Are You Using?

    using very cheaper version :bustagut: i mean cs3.
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    Bug created in Photoshop

    i am getting jealous :bustagut: good job chris :thumbsup:.
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    Post your personal Photograph here.

    i am in office
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    Post your personal Photograph here.

    hahahaahaha paul :bustagut:
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    Some recent work

    good work, but like only your first one lol :bustagut:
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    Recent Work

    i like it very much, keep posting :thumbsup: