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    Purposefully "dull" an image?

    is there any way to make an image look purposefully dull, faded and less cartoony such as in this image?
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    Copy and paste lines

    When I copy and paste a line Ive drawn (pic 1) from one image to another (pic 2) the line is not solid. However it is solid if I paste it to the same image.
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    disappearing shapes.

    ive drawn shapes in white with a white stroke but they keep disappearing when I go to another layer. And even if I go back to the layer with the shapes I have to click on the shape tool for them to show up. Even worse when I merge all of the layers(to make the final file smaller, they dont show...
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    mouse deselecting problem

    All of a sudden I cant deselect by clicking the left mouse button like I used to.
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    Copy and paste problem

    New guy here. Just got Photoshop recently and Im still learning the ropes. My problem is this. I resized an image. I then saved it as a psd. I made a selection of an item on this image and then went to paste it onto another psd image. But when I do it pastes it at the dimensionsthat the item...