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    Assign (and apply) the blending mode

    Hi @Minti Here is another approach. Yet first, I think you are asking the Linear Dodge Blend tool to do something that it does not do. What Linear Dodge Tool is this: On a color channel by color channel basis, it adds the color numbers of each channel together to achieve the result. So the...
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    Specific Same Photo?

    ADDED COMMENT FROM TO LAST POST - I took the very very dark image you provided and replace the completely black pixels with blue. As you can see, this image could not be used for anything and could not be adjusted to bring out any more details for the black pixels. So it is worthless. FYI...
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    Specific Same Photo?

    Hi @Jrk102688 Just wanted to be clear that what forum members share here are likely not to stand up to the legal criteria of necessary forensics so should be considered opinion back with some data for your consideration. A real forensic expert would be needed for arguments to legally hold...
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    Specific Same Photo?

    Hi @Jrk102688 It is most likely that both of these images were derived from an original image and not one from the other. They are cropped differently with slight different rotations. They hare different resolutions and the darker image has considerably more noise. If overlaying the two...
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    Removing colors in a sprite

    That appears to be a great way. Thanks for sharing.
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    Removing colors in a sprite

    Hi @NoName It might be easier for forum members to make suggestions if you shared the sprite or a frame of the sprite. Magic Wand can be automated yet I am assuming that with the sprite where you would need to click the magic wand changes so that is not so straightforward. There is also the...
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    Specific Remove background and convert image to outline

    Hi @Vees19 Very tough image to start from. The other issue is translating from you say in text, "outline of the image" and exactly what you have in your mind. I just tried a semi-automated approach by increasing the size of you image in Topaz Gigapixel, then in Photoshop filters Find Edges, Dust...
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    How can i apply this background without blurring the whole picture?

    Hi @Lolah Good inputs by @JeffK I have a sample with Layers below on one approach. Yet, I think you would be best off starting with a higher resolution image of the turtle. If you just upsize the turtle to fit the background, you may find the turtle is no longer sharp or is pixelated. In my...
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    Huge file increase

    You're welcome Frank. :) John Wheeler
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    Huge file increase

    HI @fbugeja Smart Objects include a flattened Layer of the contents of the Smart Object as well as the original contents of the Smart Object so it can add quite a bit of file size. You did not mention your iPad model yet recent versions are in the 266 ppi going from memory. If you are...
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    drawing shapes with curvature tool

    You're welcome @Seclare John Wheeler
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    Actions Divide images in a collage sheet into individual images

    HI @Amy79 With a consistent collage separated by white space, there is a build in Action under Files > Automate > Crop and Straighten Images will separate out each image into its own document on Photoshop. They key is to have a good Starting image. The screen shot below shows a collage of...
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    Where are the scratch disks & how to empty them, please?

    Hi @Vicky001 Open up Photoshop Preferences and go to the section on "Scratch Disks" It will tell you which disks are being used for scratch disks and how much space is available for the scratch space for which Photoshop has access. It also should tell you how to change the scratch disk etc...
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    Photoshop Render Video Export Not Working iMac 2020

    Hi @ruben5jr What specific version number of Photoshop are you using? John Wheeler
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    Need help to create this item in Photoshop.

    HI @Smithz Since @Polarwac had not responding right away (I do that too) here is a link to an Adobe help file that shows several ways to create a clipping mask. How to create a clipping mask Holding the Alt Key (Option keys on a Mac) and hovering between the two Layers is one one and the...
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    White Noise

    HI @relssek I really think @chrisdesign's results are excellent. My thoughts are about the starting image. 1) The image you shared on the forum is a highly compressed JPEG (lossy compression). I hope you had a better starting image yet if this was your actual starting image, getting a scan...
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    Need help to create this item in Photoshop.

    Its a website issue with special characters such as "brackets" To get around the issue, precede the left bracket with a backslash and the automatic member lookup will work with just @\[ and you will get @[ iLLuSioN ] Had the same problem and stubbled across the workaround and reported to @IamSam...
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    Specific letters

    Hi @MJ003 Best result would be to find the font and just type it in. Per your request though I warped the text and made the background transparent. Hope this helps John Wheeler
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    Jpeg Compression damage

    Hi @William London @JeffK has already covered all the salient bits of information. My advice is don't throw anything away and start over. A very good chance you would never notice the difference especially large for wall art. I will add a couple more points on top of what Jeff has already...