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    I am lost

    I am lost
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    Photoshop CS6 Is here (almost)

    You mentioned skin tones. I find that this is the most difficult thing to do with the clone stamp,because when you try to clone an area its always darker or lighter below or above say the elbow there is a darker shadow running down the outside,but when you try to clone just below it`s a...
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    questions about drawing

    If you like drawing and painting then i would suggest Corel Painter. This is a programme for iliustrators, and they also have other programmes that might interest you. I was going to buy it .but i think it was just for a PC hope this helps. Bucket
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    Logo Feedback :p

    The first thing that caught my eye was the word Look. Then i turned away for the second time,and it was the top arrow on the sphere. why don`t you turn the colours round on the sphere. The sphere Gold and the arrows Blue. The word Look stands out a mile,then my eyes catch the sphere. Bucket
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    Brush Settings

    I went through a stage of making brushes,and i really enjoyed it. What you are describing i have never done that. Example- I had pictures of rocks.When i got the way i wanted them i just clicked on Brush preset,and a narrow window comes out so you can name your brush,and then it appears at the...
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    Request for Various Video Tutorials

    Re: Request a Video Tutorial Here No it is`not, on mine it`s the key below the caps lock. Small square with arrow pointing up. This is the Shift Key.
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    Request for Various Video Tutorials

    Re: Request a Video Tutorial Here Thanks Hoogle for your keyboard picture. The Shift key on mine is a small key with an arrow pointing upwards. Is this picture of your keyboard have all the information like it is in your picture...
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    I've started making Photoshop video tutorials.

    Can you make a simple video on the Refine Edge Tool. This is what i mean,say a picture of a girl with long hair on just one coloured background. I have watched other video`s and they waffle on too much off topic,and they have already got the layer`s and Masks done before they start the tutorial...
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    PS CS5 - Advanced Channel Masking Technique [1080p]

    Lost off. I haven`t got a clue. It`s far too complicated. Bucket
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    Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: New Refine Edge Command for Masks

    I find this tutorial far too complicated,can somebody come up with an easier tutorial than this. Example- using a filled in circle with fine hair round it. Make the background Blue. Then by number`s Example- 1. move curser round edge. 2. Set area to 70 pixel`s and so on,and to me that would be...
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    Nagel Brush Series - anyone have a list of names?

    Click on the brush icon, then a small box just up above is another brush icon,and a little arrow. Click on the arrow,and all your brushes come out,if not, you can drag them out by the bottom right hand corner. If you want to change the name of the brush,click on the brush. A box comes out with...
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    Adding Images to Your Posts As Attachments

    You only say sorry when you have done something wrong Bucket
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    Hi i am 62yrs old retired? I live in the NE -of- England, City- Sunderland- Tyne&Wear. I...

    Hi i am 62yrs old retired? I live in the NE -of- England, City- Sunderland- Tyne&Wear. I studied Horticulture for 3yrs and became a landscaper until my back went then i took to a computer. Bucket
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    Try Pop Art Action

    I have tried two methods,and its the Keyboard, it`s got me lost off with this cmd-alt- option. My keyboard is the small Apple Mac,and i have even compared it on the Apple site,it`s different. I am in the UK...
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    Painting in Photoshop videos

    They are really good but again it`s the money. I have bought quite a few books like this. Bucket
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    How about making a Gallery with a tutorial underneath, if not a link to the tutorials. Bucket
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    How do you get the Blue Type after Hi Bucket
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    Hi from Japan

    I just noticed your type when i was greeting a new member. How do you get the Blue Type after HI .....
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    Hi from Japan

    Hi Higure I use a Mac with Photoshop CS5 to. Bucket
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    Hi there

    Hi ! Iam new too,and i do not even know where the Trouble shooting forum is. Bucket