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  1. agentmoeller

    Orangutan with WIP

    Doing a series of parodies of Joel Sartore's PHOTO ARK (through National Geographic magazine), just for fun, and posting them on Instagram. Here's a WIP of a recent drawing, painted in Procreate for iPad, with the final drawing attached.
  2. agentmoeller

    Photoshop randomly changing fonts!

    Hey all. Anyone ever seen, or heard of, anything like this? I am typing a letter to someone for a school assignment. I downloaded an old-fashioned handwriting font to use. Each time I switched to a different window, then back to Ps, it would start typing in Myriad Pro. On the attached screen...
  3. agentmoeller

    Illustrator vector logo

    Another sketch turned into a vector logo, for no particular purpose....
  4. agentmoeller

    caricature logo

    Sketched on paper, then re-drawn in Illustrator as a vector logo.
  5. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Question on the pen tool

    Hello all. I have an issue with the pen tool. If you look at the image below, I draw the black outline with the pen tool. These are several shapes on top of each other. Sometimes, when I come to a point (see the blue arrows), then change the line direction, I get a flat, squared-off endpoint...
  6. agentmoeller

    Recent work...

    They supplied the stock coffee cup photo. I added the text, layout, and the foam logo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. agentmoeller

    before, a little during, and after....

    .... once again. Done in Procreate.
  8. agentmoeller

    Jorel Sartore's PHOTO ARK (parody)

    Caricature of one of Joel Sartore's fantastic photographs for the National Geographic Photo Ark. Painted in Procreate.
  9. agentmoeller

    Summertime in the park....

    Painted in Procreate.... again. From a pen-on-paper sketch.
  10. agentmoeller

    Air Trump

    Painted in Procreate.
  11. agentmoeller

    Rufous hummingbird

    Painted from a reference photo in Procreate for iPad.
  12. agentmoeller

    Minion V. Kakamora

    Battle of the sidekicks! A minion vs. a Kakamora (from Moana). Painted on iPad in Procreate.
  13. agentmoeller

    The flying Penguins - 1942

    Painted in Procreate on an iPad.
  14. agentmoeller

    Turtle! Turtle!

    Quick little paper to Ps doodle.
  15. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Gradients

    Can anyone explain to me why, within the gradient adjustment line box, I have a perfectly smooth top-to-bottom, black-to-white gradient, but the actual gradient in my shape object is a frumpy, unsmooth mess with smooshed color blends? Driving me NUTS@^*$%!!!
  16. agentmoeller

    Pelican v. Fish

    Latest Procreate painting. With a WIP progression.
  17. agentmoeller

    before, a little during, and after....

    ... spent a little time doodling today. Done on the iPad, with Procreate.
  18. agentmoeller


    Charlie Cox from the Netflix series, Daredevil. Painted in Procreate. Agent
  19. agentmoeller

    Procreate caricature

    Painted in Procreate for iPad. Margaret Qualley, as Jill Garvey, in HBO's series "The Leftovers."
  20. agentmoeller


    I did a redo of the "fish dinner" painting from a month or so ago. Didn't like the original, so I re-imagined it.