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    MOVED: Scan lines

    This topic has been moved to General Photoshop Board, where it belongs.
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    RIP Bruce Fraser, a true Photoshop Guru

    Bruce Fraser, a leading guru in Photoshop, Color management, Sharpening, Raw... passed away this 15th of December. He was truly an expert and was known as a writer (the famous Real World series), speaker, alpha tester for Photoshop, Lightroom and Camera Raw, and numerous high-end devices and...
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    Painting in Photoshop videos

    Illustrator Brian MacGee shares a work in progress video of one of his paintings. Very cool! Check it out on his blog: Source: Gfx TM
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    Quick Photoshop vectorization technique

    As mflintjer asked me, I'm posting a link to an action that allows to vectorize bitmaps in Photoshop. Some of you remember that I "discovered" a vectorization technique using only Photoshop. An article was published in Computer Arts about it. Now that the copyright period is lifted, I can post...
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    Adobe Kuler

    Another project hosted on the Adobe Labs, Kuler lets you create sets of colour swatches, using a Flash interface. (Flash 9.x required) One of its main advantage over other sites is that you can share, browse, rate and download them. (as .ASE, Adobe Swatch Exchange files) A forum is available...
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    New consumer/prosumer 10MPX DSLRs...

    Following Sony's release of the Alpha 100: Nikon's D80: Canon announced their new 10 Megapixels camera: It seems that the megapixels war is...
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    Free Online Adobe Breeze Webinars

    Adobe has several on-demand webinars (online seminars) that are available on this page: The topics covered include the whole range of software that the company offers.
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    Photoshop 9.02 update available

    Photoshop CS2 (9.0.2) is available from the Adobe Updater (help menu). The fixes include: * Undo/Redo work properly when multiple documents are open. * Photoshop no longer produces a program error when encountering unsupported file types through the Acrobat Touch-up workflow. * Supported...
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    Updated Scripts at GFX^TM

    Trevor Morris has posted a bunch of new and updated scripts on his excellent Web page: o Center Layer - a simple script that centers the active layer; updated to work with any resolution (thanks Luis Guerra!) o Close Without Saving - presents a dialog, allowing you to close the current...
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    Lightroom links and tutorials

    As Lightroom is now available on both platforms, let's see some of the resources that can help us understand and discover that new program: (and all the links in that story) As well as...
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    Lightroom Beta 3 available for PC too...

    Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 is finally available on Windows, as it was on Mac. There was lots of speculation (integration of Rawshooter engine -that is not yet the case, and I'm sure that the main conversion engine will stay ACR, but with enhancements from the Pixmanted team) Grab it here...
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    Going East Coast (North)...must sees?

    Hi gang, this september, I'll be going to visit the Norhteastern United States, we'll land in Newark, visit the Big Apple, then rent a car (Crown something, the same that the cops use) in Newark (cheaper) and go see: the Falls, Catskills, Buffalo (I know..., but it is the home town of Mercury...
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    CSS/HTML resources.

    Gaussian had told me recently that he learned CSS and other web stuff... I'm mostly web illiterate, well I know the basic tags, etc, but what resources did you use to learn? What program(s) did you use, and for what reason (tools, ui, etc.) I know that you are VERY busy, but when you have time...
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    Photoshop TV on the air!

    The NAPP announced the launch of their Photoshop TV site at where Video Podcasts will be posted. This follows their Photoshop Radio show, also podcasted. Speakers will be Dave Cross, Scott Kelby, and Matt Kloskowski.
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    Retouching 101

    Ars technica has the second part of an excellent retouching class by Dave Girard online. Part one is available here:
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    Updates, upgrades and new drivers

    New drivers (version 4.93-3) dated Oct 07, 2005 are available for the following Wacom tablets: Intuos3, Intuos2, Intuos1, Graphire2, Graphire, CintiqPartner, Cintiq 21UX, 18SX, 15X and PL 500 on Windows 2000, XP or XP x64, MacOS X 10.2.8 and later. The latest version is 4.93.3 Select your...
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    Photoshop Elements 4 announced

    But only for Windows for the moment... The top new features are highlighted on this page: A comprehensive list of the features is listed in this PDF: Product page...
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    Camera Raw & DNG converter 3.2 NOW!

    Here is the list of the new cameras supported by Adobe Camera Raw(ACR) 3.2 and DNG converter 3.2: Newly supported cameras for Camera Raw 3.2 - September 2005 Official support for the RAW files of the following cameras has been added from Camera Raw 3.1 to 3.2. Panasonic : DMC-LX1 - DMC-FZ30...
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    Deceiving Apple Expo...

    I thought that the dual core G5 would be announced, or an update to the Powerbook lines. Nothing, but the fact that .Mac are 1Gb (2 Gb for the family one) a group function (reminds me of MSN spaces) and updated Backup program... And most of the macs sites where /. today... well another day maybe...
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    Microsoft announces Expression(s)

    It turns out that Acrylic will finally be named Expression like the original Bitmap/Vector drawing software that Microsoft bought from CreatureHouse. However, we will have three different programs (with very different UIs): a bitmap/vector imaging program, Expression Graphic Designer (the...