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    Filters Nik Filters in Photoshop CC 2018

    I am assuming that I would find these under the "Filters" item in the Main Menu, but they are not htere. They are present in Lightroom CC. I am assuming this means I have to reinstall them- correct? WesterenGuy
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    Conflict between Photoshop and my GeForce graphics software

    When I try to use the CTRL>ALT>Z to perform a multiple correction, it also invokes a response from my graphics board software (GeForce), interfering with my attempt to do the multiple correction. I am not sure what to do, as sometimes I start doing something and perform the operation a few...
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    Photoshop CC 2017 will not even start.

    OS - Windows 10 Photoshop CC 2017 Photoshop CC 2017 will not even start. When I initiate the program, it appears to run, but before it starts, but after the Workspace appears, I get a message that Photoshop 2017 has stopped working and Windows is checking for a solution. The program then...
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    Annotating images in Photoshop then return them to Lightroom

    I shoot a lot of IR landscape imagery. In a few recent images, I had some sort of artefact appear in the image. I want to take the image from Lightroom into Photoshop, outline the artefact and maybe add a bit of text or some "arrow" features and then return it to Lightroom when I will Export...
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    Place a flower on a new cololured background - How to?

    I am fairly new to Photoshop in that I haven't used it (CS6) very much in a couple of years. I am trying to remove all of the background stuff in a wildflower image and replace it with a solid coloured background, so that I end up with, for example, a blue flower on a soft red background. I...