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    Creating a Photo Album.

    I intend to get a 11 X 14" sized 40 page Photo Album with a Hard Cover (4200 X 3300 Px at 300 DPI) printed. While sites like Snapfish are an option, they provide very limited options with layouts, size of photos on the album page, etc. I need to have the freedom to create my own page layouts...
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    Specific Gradients and Elliptical Marquee tools in PS

    If anyone can add their thoughts or suggestions to the two issues I raise, that would be great. I tried recreating the old SpaceJam logo which I did here, but I am not very satisfied with the result: Specifically, : 1) The gradients and their smoothness. The four colours: Blue, Violet, Red...
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    Forum signature

    Hi guys, is there still a provision to post a signature? If so, where can I add one?
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    Eggy retired?

    Did @Eggy retire as the moderator of this forum? As a moderator, and as an esteemed forum member he had been excellent in helping out and explaining things in an easy to understand manner. This post of his will continue to inspire me for years to come. In the same thread, he explains how he did it.
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    Removing the shadow of a photographer

    Guys, I have been following this THREAD. I found this example on another website and thought it would be helpful so I decided to share. This is the explanation the creator gave: "It's difficult for me, because my english is not that good and my photoshop is in german. First cut all same color...
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    Open JPG as a new Layer in the existing Document.

    I have an open document on PS. I need to create a new layer and import a JPG file into this new layer. This is the script I have: //Creating a new variable that references a newly created layer and calling it "newLayerRef" var newLayerRef = app.activeDocument.artLayers.add(); //Creating...
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    Fireworks and pollution in India

    I call out on the media propaganda that fire crackers cause more pollution than other more deadly pollutants. This is selective outrage aimed at hitting cultural traditions of a country followed for scores of generations. If everyone were really serious about pollution control, why do people...
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    Customise LoonSquad Logo using this PSD file.

    There are so many requests asking for writing similar to LoonSquad logo. Here, I present a 5000 Px resolution PSD file using which interested people may make their own copies as per their needs. All elements in the file are made up physically, so there should be no copyright infringements. To be...
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    Suggestions on how to increase the number of challenge participants.

    We get new members everyday who request free assistance. Besides there are returning members. To add, there are so many contributing picture editors. All added would be easily more than 50+ people. Participating in the poll is a 1 minute process of seeing all submissions and voting for the best...
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    Issue with Auto-Blend Layers

    I refer to this thread and used the first and last pics. Earlier, when I tried following this video tutorial, it all worked fine. But when I apply it here, it results in this: Obviously, the blending did not happen as expected. I tried using "Panorama" as well as "Stacked Layers" for "Blend...
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    This thread is a discussion/critique on a request from a new member which can be found here. In question is the lighting. I show the full background picture and the portion of it that I used while giving background scenery for the requester. The pic shown here does not show all enhancement...
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    How do you approach this?

    @Jerry-d and @HuckinFell Both of your outputs in this thread have been excellent. I would have PM-ed you but I thought it might help others like me as well. Jerry mentioned he used colour correction. Could I bother you with how you did it? When I tried using Selective Colour and...
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    Suggestions for improvement solicited.

    I attempted a work on this thread. Spent quite some time on it, but dissatisfied with the result. Has anyone got a suggestion on how I can improve the resulting image so that it looks better? Essentially, the man in this pic: needs to be replaced with the man in this pic: and this is my...
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    Stone wall

    There is still a lot of detail missing - like cables, conduits, edge of the legde, switchboard, etc but I wanted to know if this is development in the right direction? This would be the first request of Just the fireplace with the given stone. Please let us know if you want the abovementioned...