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    Deleting alpha channel saves space

    hi, everybody I have just found out deleting alpha channels which are not required saves a real good amount of space & saving files in Tiff with layers option on, takes more space than Psd formats. I have saved almost 1.5 gb space from deleting no more usefull alpha channels in files and...
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    Reset Pallates & Size and resolution we work in.

    Hi, all my fellow adobeins of this wonderfull world called Creatives. Yes i think we all can boast of being in a seperate world in ourselves and this lovely land we are in ( which makes us citizens, (adobeins) that too not normal citizens but citizens with perfect social...
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    Ctrl+D Problems

    Hi everbody, When i press Ctrl+D in ps6 to change my background and foreground to black and white it does the white part right but it gives a combination 75+45+35+100 to give black and each time i have to change manually to get black . pls help, thank in advance. and my second problem...
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    Hi everbody, I dont have internet connection in my office, so i have to go to internet shop to accesses internet and your site but iam not able to grasp all the info avialable in that 2 hrs or more which i spend in the shop where i have to pay for it. So i request you to tell me how to...
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    2 color jobs

    hi, iam print line i work 2 color jobs more than 4 color just need to know what all we can do in ps for a 2 color job
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    I am born

    I am born, in this world of graphics thinking all elders will guide me, friends will help me to be a complete pro thanks "luv for all " gemindian