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    Is it possible to make fonts in Photoshop CC?

    So I've created a variety of "code" symbols representing different letters using Photoshop. I would like to be able to type full words and sentences using these letters without having to cut and paste them together by hand for use as textures in various personal 3D art projects. Is this...
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    Hello ^.^

    I guess I have been a member for some time now, but I have been absent from using Photoshop for a while now and am just getting back into it. I am a former 3D artist who is looking to get back into the game, and Photoshop is great for doing handpainted work. I came here mostly to get help...
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    How can I save my alpha channel using Photoshop?

    So I'm trying to figure out metallic/roughness maps in Unity and I need to make an image with a custom painted black and white alpha channel, but I am running into problems saving it. What I need to do, is take a roughness map and have that be the alpha channel of my metallic, but I am running...