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    Humor American Gothic but star wars

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    Having some fun in a video chat during self-quarantine.

    TL;DR: -- I'm out of school for at least the next three weeks due to the global pandemic, but one of our teachers (easily everyone's favourite) set up a video call that we could all choose to join and hang out for a while. We chatted nicely for a while and played an online board game. What I'm...
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    Photo Edit Tried a difficult subject removal.

    The shading on the ground is very wonky, but I could not find a way to fix that. I tried doing luminosity corrections to every sample I placed, and it didn't turn out very well. I tried some other stuff with blend modes and other tools, but nothing looked good. The best I could come up with was...
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    Humor Have you ever wondered what Minecraft Steve would really look like?

    No? Too bad, here he is. This is my first time attempting anything of this nature. Criticism or advice is welcomed and appreciated, but do keep in mind I mainly focused on the head/face. I ran out of time to match the body and background to the face, so I know those didn't turn out ideally...
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    FXHome Imerge

    FXHome is a company well-known for their visual effects and video editing software, HitFilm. They also make a photo compositing software called Imerge Pro. It is quite interesting to use. It never rasterises your layers and always allows you to edit values later. PS also allows this but it is...
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    i think i beat the bezier practice game

    "The ideal solution has 10 nodes." I don't think so. (If you haven't heard of this, it's a practice tool to help you with the pen tool, and you can find it at if you would like)
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    A rather impolite thing I've noticed on this forum.

    When people on this forum recommend resources to people, they often link to a Google or YouTube search instead of any particular resource, like this: I don't know if other people feel this way, but I find that rather demeaning. It seems to imply that I couldn't type in the search myself. It's...
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    Bad habits?

    I thought it might be beneficial to some users if I started a thread where we can share bad habits we have when doing edits and how we can fix them. For example, one of my habits that I think I need to fix is when I am doing multi-layer compositing, and I need an object to be behind another...
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    r/sbubby is addicting

    I recently discovered a subreddit called r/sbubby. A post there consists of an image called a "sbubby" in which people take a well-known logo and change the text to something else. This can range from nonsensical gibberish to names of competing companies to silly phrases. Not long ago, I started...
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    Composite Minecraft avatar.

    A stupid and pointless (but also kind of cool) composite involving my Minecraft avatar. My younger siblings recently got me back into playing Minecraft. I completely redesigned my avatar and everything so I could have a fresh new start and begin playing together with them. I don't know why this...
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    What mouse do you prefer?

    Before I got my own laptop, I used my family's MacBook that we've had for eight years. (I am a minor under my parents' care.) It's a terrible computer, but the trackpad was actually pretty good. I switched to a physical mouse the first chance I got, but that trackpad was surprisingly usable - I...
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    Time on posts is in the future?

    Recently I've noticed that when I get to a post very early, it doesn't say "now," it says something like "in 28 minutes," as though it hadn't even been posted yet. I could view the post just fine, and everything else was perfectly normal. However, when I submit my response, even my own reply...
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    I don't know, just felt like changing "Dr Pepper" to "Dr Dre"

    This is my first serious attempt at image manipulation of this scale. Normally I just make it convincing enough at a glance that it doesn't look horrible and then call it good, but this time I actually decided to put in some effort and come up with a better result. This is by no means perfect...
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    LICENCE PLATEs on the internet

    I don't think that's legal.