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    Hmm maybe someone knows a tut or at least how to do:

    Well I'm not searching for a tut here really but maybe for someone who could explain in simple steps on how to make it... 1. lather 2. ceramic tiles 3. plastic diamants 4. mirror 5. electric socket best regards s!
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    Hey there... I think I know almost all sites on the net which are developing tuts on how to recreate metal styles but never found something similiar to the one on the attachment here... Would be great if someone can explain it to me... kindest regards s!
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    Old Book

    Heya! I need to create a really old looking book (kinda like this: but where can I find a tut for it on how to make one? I'm searching yet since 4 hours but havent found anything [confused] Maybe someone have a link for me or some or explanation for me? Would be great thanx...
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    Is this PS too? and if so how to?

    Ah found an oldskool logo somewhere on the net and wonder how and which what they created it?
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    Ah someone knows about a Tut which will create this...

    Get me confused a bit cauze the result is so much realistic I'll like it a lot... I guess I have to use the Pen Tool + Pattern Fill + Bevel Emboss and drop Shadow but not really sure about it it would be great if someone knows a site which will explain how to make that Paper... kindest...
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    Help needed on Translation

    Man I have problems on that Tut cauze I don't speak frensh maby someone is willing to translate it to english??? that would be more then great! Commen?ons par cr?er un nouveau document [Ctrl + n] et attribuons lui une couleur de fond en remplissant le premier calque d'une couleur unie...
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    A FilmRoll?

    Argh ! Someone know where I can find a Tut to make a Filmroll, not talking about the Strip just the Roll I need [confused] kindest regards s! Example below thats what I need to create without the Filmstrip...
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    Another Glass look...

    Really curious about how to make this one? any ideas? regards s!
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    Realistic Eye?

    Uhm someone can explain how should I make my eyeball much more realistic??? any suggestion would be great! regards s!
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    Photo makeover Tut Test... what do you think how to improve?

    Well that was my try for that Tut... I had really a lot of problems when it comes to the eyes in that Tut didn't understand it well that point but I think the whole thing doesn't look too bad??? :D
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    Making selections

    Sometimes I've seen selection which are so hard to rebuild... I wonder if there is an easy way to simple reproduce this kind of selections? Maybe someone knows please have a look at the Picture this will explain most... kr s!
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    Animation Effect...

    Uhm sorry this time I have no screenshot of the effect I would like to use... :{ I try to descripe it best I can... Don't know if you have noticed the effect ofthen seen on old movies... It's like little borders mostly white or grey moving across parts of the movie... I made a little...
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    4thekeeper 2.

    Here the second Image with that I had some Problems it looks more like plastic not like glass thought... kindest regards s!
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    Hello nice to meet you! I really would like to know your opinion because while I try'd 2 of you're tutorials... I would like to know what you think of how they look and if I missed something, cauze I'm really not sure if they look exactly as your's or did I made something wrong especially...
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    Hello again I would also like to know how to make the Softwarebox... Mostly interested in, not how he did the 3d effect, more interesting to me is what colors he used for the filling of the box, maybe someone knows? kindest regards s!
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    While I am new here, first let me say hello to all of you... My first question is based on the Eyeball-Design Site... Just to mention I am also new to Photoshop... When you look at his great Interface I really wonder so ofthen, how he...