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    How about making a Gallery with a tutorial underneath, if not a link to the tutorials. Bucket
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    How do you create daylight through a dense tree?
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    Work Area

    I was watching some tutorials when i noticed the tutor had his Tool Menu in one column down the left hand side. Can anyone tell me how you do this? Bucket
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    Request for Various Video Tutorials

    I am a Newbie and i want to find out what keys you press, Example:- Shift key, i do not know where that one is. Also a tutorial on the Pen Tool. I am just stumbling around this site...
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    Blue border around Pictures

    I was doing something in Photoshop and i pressed a key by mistake,and the screen was half filled with all of the brushes. It has done this before,but i just clicked outside,and it went back to normal. It has just recently happened again, but this time there is a Blue Border instead of Grey can...