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  1. GreenManiac

    Specific Lunch invite

    Hello my fellow Gurus A colleague of mine asked me to fix the attached image for the office Christmas lunch. Unfortunately I do not have the time to fix it myself at the moment so I was hoping someone will help me with this one. We need it within the next two days. I will give credit where it's...
  2. GreenManiac

    Help with Avatar design

    I'm thinking of starting to do animations on youtube and such (still learning though). Was wondering on your opinion on the avatar I had in mind. Suggestions on alterations are welcome. Also I'm not sure if it looks too familiar or if something similar exists. All critique welcome, especially...
  3. GreenManiac

    Greetings from namibia!!

    Just saying hi to all. I have some photo-shopping experience, but still far from being a guru. I happened to find this forum while being bored and felt like doing some photo-shopping since I haven't done any in quit a while.