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  1. pauloalex_98

    Modern House 3D Model

    By far my best house model. Made it using 3ds Max 2010.
  2. pauloalex_98

    Logo for project

    So, me and a friend are starting an early project. He's the CEO of the enterprise, I'm the lead graphic designer. I can hire others if I want. Here are two logos I provided for his website.
  3. pauloalex_98

    Logos for my music business

    I run a music business, I'm a producer of witch house, ambient & hip-hop and I needed a couple of logos for my thing. Here they go! Feedback is appreciated. Everything is original.
  4. pauloalex_98

    Understanding graphic design

    I'm creating this topic to discuss the purpose and the understanding of graphic design. Graphic design is visible in every corner and part of the world. When you see a sign driving in the middle of the road, that sign involves graphic design. Graphic design is a way to communicate visually with...
  5. pauloalex_98

    Logo for my product design shop

  6. pauloalex_98

    Respect The Culture

    So I was messing around and ended up making this Tupac wallpaper out of fun. I have my Facebook page and until I get finished jobs to publish I have to be active.
  7. pauloalex_98

    Simple font preview design

    It is basically what the title implies, I felt inspirated by checking out a similar picture online and decided to do something like this. Feedback is appreciated!
  8. pauloalex_98

    T-Shirt Mockup

    Hey guys, here is a t-shirt mockup I made for future use and maybe to market online. It is fully editable in Photoshop.
  9. pauloalex_98

    Rap Covers

    Hey guys, I recently made a few rap covers for a friend of mine (who is in the UK and makes rap) and for me. I also make hip-hop songs. Let me know what you think! They are original.
  10. pauloalex_98

    T-Shirt Design

    Hey guys, I won a contest and some money with this t-shirt design. Lemme know what ya think!
  11. pauloalex_98

    New icons for stock sale

    Hi guys, I've been a contributor of a couple of stock image websites (not gonna mention the websites, it's against the rules) and these are the last two icons I decided to sell. I'm always open to new opinions and I'd appreciate your opinions. I'm also wondering, is Illustrator 9 gonna make the...
  12. pauloalex_98

    Logos I made

    I designed these logos from scratch (they are 100% original) and somehow they were rejected from a website I was working in. I don't believe these logos are bad at all and I have no idea how they got rejected. Let me know below what you think. I don't think they're bad at all. They were for a...
  13. pauloalex_98

    B&W Skull Illustration

    Hello guys! I designed this skull illustration in Illustrator from scratch, it is 100% original work and took me one day to design it and polish it to it's best version. The highest resolution is over 6000px and everything is polished.
  14. pauloalex_98

    Is the vector business profitable?

    Hey guys, I'm starting to get really into the vector business as I can draw really well and I believe I can turn my drawings into some pretty good vectors. Is it a profitable business? Are there a lot of sales? And what is the bad side of the vector business?
  15. pauloalex_98

    Remake of the Dom Perignon champagne logo

    Hi guys! I entered a t-shirt design contest previously and the job was to remake the Dom Perignon champagne logo and turn it into a t-shirt design that said 'Kitzbuhel'. I lost count of how many I made, but here is a couple. Let me know what you think and feedback is highly appreciated!
  16. pauloalex_98

    Logo designs

    Hi guys! Let me know what you think of these logo designs. Feedback is appreciated.