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    Specific Imrpove logo concept

    Hi Guys! I am looking to improve this design by having someone more detail-oriented fix some edging/quality issues to create a high quality, clean looking design. Feel free to add any creative improvements to the design if you come up with any. Thanks!
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    Paid Logo designer needed

    Hello! I am looking to re-design my logo for my business. Below is my current logo that I made with my limited photoshop knowledge. I am looking for something more vibrant, and would also like a vector image of a dog included in the logo. Honestly, I do not know exactly what I want and will...
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    Vectorize images please? **NEED ASAP!)

    The files are huge, so I will have to share them via dropbox but I have screenshots. Just vectorize the text and background, not the photo images of the dogs. here are screenshots for examples:
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    Need help with Road Sign resolution

    Hey everyone! I designed a couple signs in photoshop, and sent it to the graphic design company. This is my first time doing this, so there are going to be some glitches. The issue I am having is tone of the signs needs to be 12 by 8 feet, the other 8 x 8 feet with 100 dpi. When I sent the...
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    Bevel&Emboss effect on silhouette *HELP*

    Hey everyone, Thanks for swinging by my thread! I have been working on a design that will go on a sign for the company I work for. I had followed some tutorials for what I have so far. I have to say, I am pretty happy with how it is turning out! I really like the gold letters, now i just...
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    Improve color and quality

    Hello all! I wanted to see if the color and quality of this image could be significantly improved. The dog looks to perfect, shots like this are hard to get! Also, if you could edit the black bagWith the ziplock in it, that would be great too! Thank you!