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    Specific Removing the plastic

    Hey guys! Could you please remove the plastic bag from my girl's hand? It ruins the ambience of the picture. Also, feel free to play around with the colors Thank you very very much
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    Specific Take off the logo

    Hey, I took a nice picture with a wife beater that has a logo of a place I used to work at and I don't like. Can someone please remove it? Thx in advance
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    Specific Please Remove Sandals and people

    Hey guys e Could you kindly remove sandals from the floor and humans from the background Thank you
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    Specific Tidying up my hair and stains

    Hey guys, could you please remove some stuff from this picture? Tidy up the hair a bit and remove the weird stains from the jeans, and make my teeth less yellow? xD This is the original:
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    Specific Making the beach people free

    Hey guys I'd like to remove the people that are in the beach besides me please. Also, if you can change up the contrast a bit and make me a tad more visable that would be great Thanks very much