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    Canon 10D question

    Hi all. I'm thinking of buying a secondhand Canon 10D and just wondered if this had an internal autofocus motor, or required a motor in the lens. I want to use this mostly with a standard 50mm lens to give a an 80mm equivilent focal length. So I want to know if it will autofocus with a...
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    Scratch disk speeds

    Hi all. According to the blurb, PS prefers its scratch disk to be on a separate partition, better still, a separate drive. I have mine on a separate partition and have just carried out some tests prior to buying a second HD to use as a scratch disk. The tests were just to see how much faster...
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    Scratch disk info

    Hi all. It's about time I replaced my 5400RPM Drive for a 7200RPM unit. At the moment I have a partition used as Photoshop's Scratch disk. Just wondering if it would be wiser to keep the 5200RPm unit as a seperate scratch disk, or have a faster partition on the 7200RPM unit. Thanks Sark
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    Undo method ??????????

    Hi all. Just wondered about Photoshop?s Undo method, under the Edit menu. The Undo turns into Redo, and you have to use the Step Backward command if more than one undo is required. Even Ctrl Z is both an Undo and Redo if pressed consecutively. Image Ready doesn't work like this, nor do most...
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    PS Upgrade info please

    Hi all. I bought a copy of PS 5.5 (Mac) for a neighbour recently. I found this at a Boot fair for very little money, but although it?s a genuine package it had been registered. They are now considering upgrading to a more recent version. I know there is no obligation to register, but was...
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    Corel Knockout

    Hi all. I'm thinking of purchasing Corel Knockout. I know there are a few users who post on these boards so hopefullyI can get some advice. I've heard that version 2 can only be installed as a plug-in, whereas version 1 was stand alone. I've read that the advantage of the stand alone...
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    Graphics Tablet issues

    I?ve been using a budget Graphics Tablet for a while now. Whilst this is fine for general brushwork I don?t get on with it enough to use as an alternative to a mouse. I find that every time I click the button, the pointer moves. Icons move when I open an app, and objects or layers move when I...
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    Transferring a web address

    Hi all. I don't have a web site, but have a web address which I use for email forwarding. This is now due for renewal and the company want to charge me three times what I could re-register elsewhere for. Just wondered how easy, and how to go about transferring it to another company. I...
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    .psd v's .tif

    Hi all. What's the difference between saving as a layered tiff and saving a psd file. Tiffs show up in my folders image preview window, whereas psd's don't, hence the question. Thanks Sark
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    Centreing Layers in PS

    Is there a way of centreing a layer without using the X & Y co-ord?s. I want to record an action that includes the layer being centred. The X & Y co-ord?s don't record as I would expect. The action records the distance a layer moves in the X & Y directions, rather than its X & Y position...
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    Ps & Xara X users ?

    Hi all. Can Xara X export psd files with layers intact, so that the layers remain when opening in PS. Thanks Sark
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    My Pictures (Want to display PSD files)

    Hi all. Does anyone know if the ?My Pictures? folder, in Win 2K, can be made to show a preview of Photoshop files. Thanks Sark
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    Merging Layers

    Hi all. What is the best way of making a merged copy of a number of layers? I know the Alt/Ctrl/Shft/E shortcut, but this requires turning evertything off except the layers to be merged. In a large doc with some layers already turned off, turning everything on and off quickly is not always...
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    Transform Property Bar issues

    Hi all. In both PS6 & PS7 I've always had issues with the Transform property bar. If I scale up, the figures I type in the Width & Height boxes are rarely accurately applied when scaling smaller shapes up a reasonable amount. The following is an example: Original path shape size W=37px...
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    Colour Swatches

    Hi all. Is there a way of organizing the colours in a swatch to something other than the default. You can delete, or add, but you can't drag them to new positions to arrange. I'm creating some swatches of my own, but the order of the colours is not to my liking. Just can't figure out if...
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    Folder of files to layers

    Hi all. Is there a way of importing a folder of image files into PS so that each image file appears in the same document on its own layer. I know it can be done via Image Ready, but can it be done directly via PS. Thanks. Sark
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    PhotoShop bookshop UK site

    Hi all. Don't know if this is the right place to post, appologies if not, but with the runup to Xmas I thought this site would appeal to UK users. It sells Computing books at great discounts, including a decent number dedicated to PS. They also sell on ebay and occassionally sell for...
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    Illustrator A few Illustrator 10 questions

    Hi all Is it possible to disable auto scroll? Everytime you drag the cursor off the page, when marquee selecting, the page moves. Can you save workspaces, like you can in PS? Also, does anyone have any recomendations for a good book on AI10. User guides are fine up to a point, but not...
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    Illustrator AI 10 Update help

    Hi all. Is there anyone here who has the Illustrator 10 update (10.03 English) and is able to upload it somewhere as a zip file. The system I use only allows downloads of zipped files so I can't download from Adobe. If anyone is able to do this I would be truly grateful. Many thanks...
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    Illustrator Upgrading from AI8 to CS...???????????

    Hi all. Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade to AI CS from AI 8. Thanks. Sark