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    Specific Make me look down

    Hi, is it possible to rotate only my head that i will look down?
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    Specific Make the board more vertical

    Hi, just wonder if its possible/ too hard to make, I have this picture: And i want to rotate me up something like 70-80 degrees (basically the body needs to stay and only the board goes up , and somehow make it real with the legs): something like this photo (here the board more vertical):
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    Specific Take a part from an image and clone it to another part

    Ho guys! I have this 2 images: And what i would like to do is to take the white water part from the first image and "paste it" to the area that i show in the picture below maybe use the clone stamp tool (it should be like the second photo more or less, where we have white water also in the...
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    Specific fix my arm

    Can you fix my arm ? examples of how my left arm should be:
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    Specific Left foot and right foot position

    HI! This one is a bit tricky :) My back foot is not in the right place , same as my front foot. Also, I'm not lower enough so it looks kinda wiered. Here's where my legs should be: Thanks 😊
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    Specific Make me more lower

    Hi all, Kinda hard to explain, but my body looks kinda strange - i want to make it more natural, maybe to make me more bend , so my butt will be lower (instead of standing weired) heres an example of what i mean:
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    Specific Remove the surfer behind me

    Can you please remove this surfer behind me?(i am with the skateboard) thank you!!
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    Remove object

    hello can u please remove the left guy from the photo , including the black leash of his surfboard?