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    Masking Issues

    I am currently having issues with vector masking on Photoshop CS4. I am trying to crop a persons images out from a white background, but when I do, they get masked and the background is revealed. I don't know if there was a button I pushed, or a setting to change, but this is how I have...
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    "drag and drop" vs "place" image

    I have a few questions, if any one can answer any of these it would be great. So I am making a banner using Photoshop that will be 8ft wide by 4ft tall. The company I am having this printed has this disclaimer about the the images resolutions. Resolution: All file formats must have a...
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    Hi, I am a current Graphic Design student, and also work as a graphic designer. I was looking for some answers when I found this site. I really hope I can use this forum for future questions and problems, as I am still learning and could really use the expertise of others. Thanks